Our Stories: What was normal? Was IS normal?

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By Rhonda Smith

I continue to hear so many people say “Boy, we can’t wait to get back to normal”!  What does that mean really? 

Before COVID – 19 normal was:  soccer, football, band, dance, scouts, yoga, clubs, outings and the list goes on! NOT that any of these are bad but maybe we tended to be on “activity overload”. We were the hamster on the hamster wheel ….will not wanting to have any “leftover minutes” in our day. 

Also, Pre-Coronavirus we all were in a state of “I – ME – MY – MINE” 

We seemed to be in a pattern of get all we can get – earn all we can earn – buy all we can buy – the one with the most “things” win. But win WHAT???

We were used to going to the grocery store stocking up on our needs and also our whims.  Shelves filled with all of our favorite things. 

We were the land of plenty and …..

The land of waste!

That was then……Before COVID-19…..This is now…….at the present…..

We are all in our homes – surrounded by family – getting to know them again with a “shelter in place”!  It’s good, bad and ugly at times! It’s hard, It’s challenging!

But….we are digging deep to survive so many things – emotions, health – both physical and mental!  Financial loss, grocery store shelves empty, limits on toilet paper (still don’t understand that one).  But it’s REAL LIFE – in todays world! Many think maybe when we open our eyes each morning we will have experienced a really BAD dream / nightmare – but it’s real and it’s in our lifetime – we didn’t see it coming but it’s here! Now…..what do we do with all this???

Here’s what I see in our community…….and hopefully in our world……. but mostly in our hearts…

1. Families spending time together – board games, outside walks, fishing, talking watching classic movies, cooking together, family meals at the table.

2.  Learning to eat what we have – make due and be creative! Not wasting because supplies are short. 

3.  Sending “Love flowers” to show we care. 

4. Writing cards / instead of texts and emails! I’ve loved every handwritten cards and I’ve written several also.

5.  Restaurants serving meals to the needy.

6.  Neighbors talking to neighbors (6 ft apart) – helping each other with supplies and needs.

7.  Parents learning to “home school” their children and teachers teaching remotely.  

8.  Learning we can live without so much that we used to think was necessary! 

We are finding out we can do the HARD STUFF! It’s cleansing, it’s purifying, it’s painful and sometimes not pretty but it’s what makes us solid and builds character. 

So what will be getting “back to normal” look like after this is over??? Hopefully for all of us the “back to normal” will look completely different – Sharing, Caring, Loving, Spending quality time with the ones we love, Cooking, Talking, Laughing!  Let’s throw away the hamster wheels and cherish having leftover minutes each day to invest in what is most valuable!  I pray we all come out of this BETTER for going through it – and hopefully NORMAL as we knew it no longer exists!

Love to ALL – stay safe and healthy!  

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