Our Stories: It is certain in Christ

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By James Martin

As the coronavirus wages its war against the world life for many has been turned upside down. As a 17 year old high school junior my life looks very different now than it did six months ago. Without school, work, my friends, Younglife club, and so many other activities I have often found myself feeling purposeless. 

I’ve struggled to find a reason to get up and go through the same routine over and over again each day. My soul has felt downcast. 

This week as I laid in my bed early one morning I noticed a picture of me as a young boy. I was one or two years old in the picture.  

It reminded me of a much different time. A time when I was simply held. Held not only by my mother and father, but held by the King of Kings and the architect of the Universe. 

My tiny infant body no bigger than a grain of sand in the hands that hold stars. Oh how I long for those times. 

My heart’s desire is to be held once more. 

I certainly cannot speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself in this: too often I play god. I make big plans for myself. I had made big plans for this Spring and Summer. 

This fall I will send off all my applications for college; big decisions will be made soon. So frequently I catch myself writing my life story. 

Too often I forget that my life is but a pen stroke in the story of Christ. 

Truly the day will come when I leave my earthly father’s home, but I will never leave the house of my Heavenly Father. 

As the virus cancels plans and confuses our minds I am reminded that my future is locked away in heaven with Christ. No virus, no quarantine, and no amount of social distancing can take that away. 

While our future may seem uncertain in our eyes, it is certain in Christ. We must all return our hearts to when we were young. We must allow ourselves to simply be held. We must trust and love the Maker of Heaven and Earth for who He is, El Shaddai, the Lord Almighty. 

James Martin is a Junior at Morgan County High School and is currently employed as an intern at Madison First United Methodist.” 

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