Man allegedly swallows heroin before arrest

Staff Written Law Enforcement

By Patrick Yost


A man arrested in the Pit Stop convenience store parking lot in Buckhead allegedly told authorities he had ingested heroin moments before he was arrested.

Ryan Matthew Kehl, 30, no address given, was arrested and charged with a multitude of traffic violations and one felony count of tampering with evidence after a Morgan County deputy, on patrol, noticed a suspicious pickup truck parked at the Pit Stop at 2 a.m. on Thursday, April 30.

According to reports, the deputy requested backup after he approached the truck and determined that Kehl and a female were in the vehicle. The deputy separated the female and Kehl, reports state, and the female alleged that there were needles and syringes in the vehicle and there was a possibility that there was also heroin in the vehicle. The deputy noted that prior to detaining Kehl and the female he observed “movement” in the vehicle.

Investigators with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office tracked the truck and contacted its registered owner, a Columbia, S.C. man, who told investigators the last time he saw the vehicle it was parked at a church in a shopping center in Columbia. The owner also said he was not familiar with Kehl.

The deputy noted that there was a screw driver jammed into the truck’s steering column. 

Kehl allegedly told the deputy that the tumblers in the steering column were malfunctioning. 

He said a friend let him borrow the truck.

The female, who was not arrested, alleged that Kehl stole the vehicle and used it to pick her up from a voluntary rehabilitation center in Atlanta. 

The woman told the deputy that up to that point she had been “39 days sober.”

Currently Morgan County authorities have charged Kehl with two counts tampering with evidence, expired or no driver’s license, failure to maintain insurance, defective or no headlights and acquiring license plate for purpose of concealing.

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