Mayor: Wear masks when out in public

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Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

While City of Madison officials cannot enact policies stricter than the governor of Georgia has implemented concerning the coronavirus pandemic, some city officials are using their platform to urge local citizens to take more stringent precautions than are currently required by the State of Georgia. 

Madison Mayor Fred Perriman is urging citizen to wear masks when running errands or venturing out into public spaces. 

“I want to encourage our citizens to wear masks in the stores,” said Perriman. “We have some restaurants even opening up to the public, and with this virus still spreading throughout our state, we want to protect everyone the best we can.”

Perriman noted that wearing masks adds an extra layer of protection from contracting and/or spreading the virus as the local economy cautiously reopens while following state social distancing guidelines and CDC recommendations. 

“Wearing masks keeps you safe and it keeps the employees in our stores safe. It’s for all of our safety, since nobody knows who is a carrier,” explained Perriman. “We urge our community to continuing loving each other and caring for each other through this difficult time. One way they can do that is wearing masks while out in public and help stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Perriman reminded citizens that even when wearing masks to adhere to social distancing recommendations by staying six-feet apart from employees and surrounding customers when in stores or in other public spaces. He also urged people to employ frequent hand-washing, limiting outings as much as possible, and to consider utilizing curbside services at stores and restaurants. 

“We just want everyone to stay safe and healthy,” said Perriman. 

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