Teachers of the year honored

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

The Morgan County Charter School System has announced each school’s Teacher of the Year. Alec Johnson is the Teacher of the Year for Morgan County High School. Jodie McMichael is the Teacher of the Year for Morgan County Middle School. Karen Spence is the Teacher of the Year for Morgan County Elementary School. Bobbi Hart is the Teacher of the Year for Morgan County Primary School. 

” The Teacher of the Year program recognizes teachers who are the best in their field,” said Dr. James Woodard, superintendent of schools. “We appreciate all teachers, but congratulate those chosen by their colleagues as the ones they feel most positively leads their profession.”

Alec Johnson, who teaches Chemistry, Astronomy, and IB/AP Physics, joined the Morgan County High School (MCHS) staff in 2012. 

“I’m incredibly honored to have been chosen by the amazing people at MCHS to be the Teacher of the Year! I was shocked to have been nominated along such strong teachers and was completely surprised that I was chosen” said Johnson. “Teaching science to me is all about having a positive impact on young minds and shaping them to think independently and question the world around them. My hope every day is to make a student think differently about a problem, collect and analyze the data they find or collect, and realize they have the power to come up with their own solutions for any situation. I am thankful everyday to do what I love, no matter if it’s at school or at home in these weird times, and am honored to be honored by my MCHS people in this big way!”

Jodie McMichael, a math teacher for the last 28 years at the Morgan County Middle School, is thrilled to be this year’s Teacher of the Year. 

“Being named the middle school teacher of the year this year in particular means more than I can explain. I love my administration; I love my co-workers; I love my children,” said McMichael. “But, to be honest, this physical building has been my second home for more than 28 years now, and with this being the year we move to a new school, there is something very sentimental and special about being named the last teacher of the year from Pearl Street. To say it is an honor does not do it justice.”

Karen Spence  teaches Problem Based Learning Connections class and piloting Elementary Agriculture standards at the elementary school.   

“I am so honored to be chosen as Teacher of the Year at Morgan County Elementary School!    I am still in shock and quite humbled!” said Spence. “The students are given a real world problems to solve that tie  to their standards and then they work on teams to come up with their best solution.   They design the solution, test it out, and then make improvements.   Then each take a part in the presentation.   This position is a dream for me!   I watch students excel that often  struggle and they become leaders.   I watch students share experiences they have related to the topics.   They research together and create a level playing field of life experience.   Each becomes comfortable sharing their strengths and weaknesses and they support one another.   So much like real life.  I love coming to school everyday.  My goal is to spark a passion in each and every student.  I tell them if they pursue their passion they will work in what they love and they will jump up each day excited to go to work!”

Bobbi Hart, a teacher at the primary school, is overjoyed to be selected as her school’s Teacher of the Year. 

“It’s an honor to be chosen as Morgan County Primary School Teacher of the Year! I’m surrounded by so many amazing, caring educators,” said Hart. “It’s exciting to work with our youngest learners in the county. Each day we strive to make sure these kids get a strong academic foundation. We know we are truly doing a work of the heart, and it’s very gratifying to be a part of children’s excitement for knowledge and personal growth.”

The school system will announce the System-wide Teacher of the Year in the coming weeks.

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