Theft suspects may be part of ‘ring,’ police say

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By Patrick Yost


Two women suspected of stealing a downtown merchant’s wallet and then using the merchant’s credit cards are suspected of doing the same thing across the area.

According to Det. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, the women were captured in a Walmart video surveillance grab while using the merchant’s card to charge more than $900 from the store. 

“It seems that they may be connected to a ring going around the metro area doing the same thing over the last few months,” he said.

Thompson said after the pair left Madison they travelled to Greensboro in a white Chevy Tahoe and also stole a wallet from a merchant. Thompson said one woman distracts the employee at the store while the other goes through the employee’s purse or steals a wallet.

According to Madison Police Department reports, the women were in Madison’s Town and Country at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6. An employee at the store told officers that she walked out of a dressing room and observed one of the women leaving an office in the store. 

The employee questioned the woman, reports state, and the woman shrugged it off and said that she believed the office was part of the store.

The women then shopped and left. Reports state after the women left the store the employee received an alert on her phone regarding charges being made to her credit card. The employee searched for her wallet but could not locate it and she then called police. 

Officers responded and drove to Walmart but the suspects had left, reports state.

Officers secured the video surveillance of the women buying gift cards at Walmart and one of the suspect’s has the employee’s wallet in her hand as she leaves the store. 

The employee said she later received alerts stating there was activity on her card in Greensboro.

Thompson said other stores in downtown Madison reported that the pair had entered the stores but nothing was reported stolen.

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