Calvary leads community response to people in need

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

Calvary Baptist Church in Madison partnered with other local churches and volunteers to assemble and distribute 500 boxes of food and “corona care packages” to families in need throughout Morgan County during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Reverend Hoke Smith, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, and his wife Ann Smith, were happy to see all community come together to help those in need. 

“It was just fantastic. This was truly a community effort,” said Rev. Hoke Smith. Smith noted the Calvary Baptist partnered with the the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, First United Church of Madison, Springfield Baptist Church, and Church of the Advent to fund, prepare and pass out food and supplies last Wednesday from the Methodist Church parking lot. Volunteers from Union Springs Baptist Church and other community members also helped at last Wednesday’s food distribution event. 

Food boxes were filled with non-perishable items, bread, peanut butter, jelly and other food items. The corona care packages contains masks, gloves, and soap to help people have the supplies they need to keep safe from contracting the coronavirus. 

Reverend Hoke Smith believes stepping up in times of need should be the top priority of Christians. 

“This is our calling to serve and to do good in the community,” said Smith. “We feel that it is important through this pandemic that we are here  to support those who are unable to work, unable to buy groceries. Some can’t pay the light bill and gas bill and we are here to help as much as we possibly can.”

“I cannot say enough how grateful I am to God for allowing us to be able to do this,” said Ann Smith.  “We are blessed to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters who are going through difficult times. But we know God will bring us through it.”

Deborah Massey, a member of Calvary Baptist helped orchestrate the event along with the deacons of Calvary Baptist and other volunteers. 

“So many people made this happen,” said Massey. “We passed out boxes and then delivered over 200 boxes to people all over Morgan County. We wanted to make sure people who are homebound, mainly the elderly, got the supplies they need.” 

“All the people involved wanted to let our community know we are here for them,” said Massey. “And boy, we sure do work better together. As Reverend Hoke Smith always says, ‘teamwork makes the team work.’”

According to Reverend Hoke Smith, Calvary Baptist is working on setting up another food distribution event. 

“We don’t know exactly when yet, but we are going to try to do this again,” said Smith. “I just want everyone to know that we are here and that this, too, shall pass.”

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