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Dear Class of 2020, 

Unprecedented.  It is the word that has become a staple in our collective vocabulary over the past several months as we’ve been experiencing a pandemic. It is a useful adjective to describe the uncertainty of this time. Due to this uncertainty, there have been a lot of changes in your senior year – activities have been postponed, restructured, and cancelled. You have handled yourselves with remarkable maturity and understanding through this season and we’re really proud of you for it.

 Unprecedented.  Because of its very definition, “never done or known before,” it is also a word that describes you and the journey that you are about to embark upon as you graduate from Morgan County High School. The world has never known someone like you. There has never been a group of individuals who have had your exact experience and set of skills, talents, passions, interests, and knowledge.  Our world will be better because of you. 

In years to come, when you mention that you were in the Class of 2020, people will immediately think back to the pandemic. Some may remember that you were the class that didn’t have a normal graduation; however, know that we here at MCHS won’t define you as that.  We’ve watched you grow over the past four years from a freshman class who impressed us with your school spirit, with a cast of characters that endeared you to us, and who as a group of students made our school richer because you were in it.  We’ll remember you for your strong leadership, impressive classroom presence, caring for others, making us laugh, and for transitioning with us through new schedules and into a new building.  We’ll remember you for outstanding performances, your competitive drive in athletics, your school spirit, your personalities both in and out of classrooms, and your compassion for others. We will not let the last few months define the memories and experience of our Class of 2020. 

Unprecedented.  Your future is unknown but what lies within you as young people is not. You have built foundations of hard work, knowledge, skills, character, and experiences that will serve you well as you begin your journey. Know that we are proud of you and are excited to see the impact that you will make.

As always, Go Dogs! 


Dr. Miki Edwards

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