From the desk of the valedictorian

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Hello, my name is Michael Peters, and I am the valedictorian of the Class of 2020 at Morgan County High School. As we now begin to embark on our journeys following our graduation this week, I would like to end this school year with some final remarks. However, before I begin, I would like to thank the outstanding teachers, counselors, and faculty for supporting me and enriching my learning environment with your work at Morgan County High School. I owe it to the faculty of Morgan County High School for my ability to be in the position I am today. I would also like to thank the Morgan County Board of Education for hiring such  a great staff to create a learning environment that can compete with the best in the state. It is to these people that I owe my sincerest gratitude.

However, to my classmates, it has been an outstanding journey. Throughout our last four years of high school we have endured certain hardships like the circumstances we find ourselves in now, however, we have also created the best of memories. From freshman year when some of us were “arrested” in teen maze, to sophomore year homecoming week, to junior year prom, to putting a car in the school at the beginning of this year. We have all been a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. During this time we have made friendships, figured out future plans, and now we are just a few days from finishing it off with graduation. Despite these unfortunate situations, we have completed our time in high school while still maintaining all of the memories we gathered on the journey to reach this position, and to this I would like to extend my warmest congratulations.

No matter how outstanding this accomplishment may be, however, I feel that it is unfit to write this letter without addressing the current events regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. To the families that have been affected by this pandemic, and to my community around me, I would like to praise them for their efforts in social distancing and urge them to continue these efforts as the threat to public health is still eminent. I would also like to thank all public health workers on behalf of myself, and the entire Class of 2020 for the countless hours you all have put in to protect the health of our community. I would also like to send out my most sincere condolences to the families who have lost loved ones due to this pandemic. 

To the Class of 2020, had we known that March 13, 2020 would be our last day of our high school journey, there is not a doubt in my mind that we would have done many things differently; I know I certainly would have. Many hugs would have been given, and goodbyes would have been said. However, no matter how unfortunate and difficult the situation may be, we as a class have always had the determination, passion, and work ethic to get through it all. Despite this situation, we as a class will prevail and be remembered as one of the greatest classes ever to walk through this school. As we end our time at Morgan County High School, I simply ask that we take with us the determination and work ethic that we all obtained in high school, and I ask that we take with us memories of all the great time we had together as One Morgan. Thank you for an outstanding journey at Morgan County High School, and I can’t wait to see where each of our journey’s take us!

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