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Madison Police Department

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On May 17,  a damage to vehicle complaint was filed at an Interstate 20 location. According to reports, a woman said her son was driving a blue Dodge Journey on Interstate 20 when the vehicle broke down. The woman said the son left the vehicle and when they went back noticed that someone had shattered the driver’s side window.

On May 15, an information report was filed at Hill Park, South Main Street. According to reports, an officer was responding to a report of someone sleeping in the bathroom at the park. The officer arrived and located a red sleeping bag rolled up outside the woman’s bathroom. The officer noted that someone had dislodged the bathroom door from the wall to gain access, He also noted that two toilets inside the bathroom were filled with human waste. No person was located and the sleeping bag was confiscated.

On May 14. a lost property complaint was filed at Coach and Buggy Car Wash, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she had used the car wash and she had left her black bi-fold wallet and small pink coin purse at the car wash. The  woman said she returned but the wallet and coin purse were missing. She said the wallet contained $318 cash, her driver’s license and multiple credit and debit cards. She also described a white male who had been at the car wash while she was there. Security footage showed the man washing his truck and then taking the wallet and coin purse from a vaccum stand. An officer was able to identify the man based on his license plate. The man had a Social Circle address. Madison Police Department contacted a Social Circle Police Department officer who contacted the man at his house and collected the wallet and coin purse with all contents intact. The man told officers that he had attempted to return the wallet to the woman’s address on her driver’s license but the house appeared vacant. 

On May 13, Ernest James Reid, 28, Madison was arrested and charged with driving without license, fleeing , possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, possession of drug related objects and attempting to elude and failure to obey traffic control device. Antwain Deion Williams, 26, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of drugs, prescription drugs not in original container and tampering with evidence. Larry Donell Carter, 32, Forsyth was arrested and charged with possession of drugs, prescription drugs not in original container and tampering with evidence. According to reports, at approximately 11 p.m. an officer alleged that a black utility vehicle driven by Reid ran a red light at the intersection of East Washington and Main Street. An officer attempted to stop the vehicle near the EZ Bottle Shop on West Washington but, reports state the vehicle continued and near the intersection of Georgia Highway 83 and West Jefferson Street pills were thrown from passenger side of the vehicle. Reports state the vehicle continued and near Pearl Street more pills were thrown from the vehicle. The vehicle turned right on Garnett Street and a clear plastic baggy was thrown from the passenger side of the vehicle, reports state. The officer noted each location where items were thrown and relayed those locations to other officers. The vehicle stopped and the three men were covered at gun point, reports state until other units arrived. A pistol was discovered inside the vehicle with an extended loaded magazine. Two pills and a loaded magazine were located in a backpack in the rear seat. An officer alleged that Reid had a small bag of suspected marijuana  and a grinder on his person. Suspected ecstasy pills were located on the ground in several locations along with a torn plastic bag. The next morning during daylight an officer located four “Hello Kitty” pills a “skull-shaped” pill and pill fragments near Wellington Street. 

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