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Ethel Lytton

rutledge correspondent 

I first became aware of Hannah as a photographer when I saw her photo shoot on Facebook.  I set up an interview with her and during the interview process she was contacted by a Sports Media Program at University of Georgia (UGA). They were asking permission to use her football shot in a USA Today article (May 20, 2020) about Morgan County High School (MCHS). She said YES!  Another milestone for her will be on July 9, 2020 when she graduates from Georgia Military College.

Q: When did you first get interested in photography? 

A: I first became interested in photography when I was in middle school. I shot some for the school at the time. I also shot on the weekends when my younger brother participated in travel baseball. I used the school’s camera to shoot school sporting events, and I used a relative’s camera to shoot my younger brother and his baseball team. 

Q: In your photography bio you state that a coach asked you to photograph middle school sports. Which sport did you capture? 

A: When I was in middle school, I was asked to capture our home basketball games. That is also the first sport that I captured when I began photographing many sports for Morgan County High School. I love the fast action.

Q: Which sport is more challenging to photograph? 

A: Between the two sports I have mentioned above, baseball and basketball, I have to say that basketball is more difficult to capture. This is because it is indoors, and gym lighting (in general, for any indoor sport) can be challenging to work with. However, basketball is my more popular sport, as far as engagements on social media. Baseball is easier to photograph because it is outdoors, and natural light is the best. Sometimes, the baseball games do go into the night, and that makes it a little more difficult to deal with, but I have a lot of experience in any type of lighting situation.

Q: The baseball pics on your Facebook page brought back memories for me since one of my sons was a catcher throughout high school. Awesome shots of the batter and catcher.  Is it difficult to get those shots of batter, ball, and catcher in action? 

A: Sometimes it can be difficult to clearly capture the action shots in baseball. That is why you must be paying attention to where the ball goes and where the play is happening. If I have the correct settings on the camera, which I normally do, then I can easily catch the action. Correct camera settings are important to always have, no matter the type of session, but this is especially important in sports because action is happening so fast all over the field.

Q: When first learning about photography, what was the toughest lesson for you to grasp?  

A: The toughest lesson for me to grasp was patience. When my journey began, I did not know much at all about photography, much less how a camera works. Sometimes, my pictures did not come out the way that I wanted them to. I had to be patient with myself, knowing that it takes a lot of practice to become better at something over time. It does not just happen overnight. Having self-taught myself throughout this journey, up until a few months ago, I have learned so much about photography, and I will continue to grow and learn in the future of my business

Q: When did you receive your first personal camera? I received my first personal camera in Christmas of 2015. My “title” as the Morgan County High School Athletics Photographer became effective just days later. I began shooting basketball with the camera I received that Christmas, which was a Sony mirror less camera. I had it for four years, and it was a great beginner one for me. I have since upgraded to a Canon DSLR.

Q: I have thought of adding photography to my writing. What camera would you suggest for a beginner? 

A: The camera I highly recommend for beginners is the Sony a6000. That is the specific kind of Sony Mirror less I had before I upgraded to a DSLR

Q: You also do portraits. How is that different from shooting sports? 

A: Shooting portraits is very different from shooting sports. During my portrait sessions, which I absolutely love doing, I am not rushed in getting really good pictures. I can take my time to make sure I get the perfect shot, and there are so many factors to consider and do, in order to get that perfect shot. Also, my settings would be different when shooting portraits too. I always make sure that the client is positioned correctly and that they are always comfortable in that position. I absolutely love shooting portraits of people, and I hope that when they choose me for their session, that they will leave with the best experience they have ever had with a photographer. 

Q: High school and college graduations are different this year. You have experience with capturing these special events. How can your business help secure memories for the 2020 graduates? 

A: I have taken some senior portraits for the class of 2020, as well as in the past years for graduations too. They have been used online and for personal invitations, and that is what I absolutely love to see. In the past, I have traveled to different locations (i.e. gyms, parks, open fields) to capture these special moments. I let my clients choose their choice of location, but I always have suggestions if they do not have any. Senior/Graduation pictures are one of my favorite sessions to photograph because I am capturing a huge milestone in a person’s life, and I love capturing moments such as these for loved ones to have and treasure forever. I am currently booking 2021 seniors, so please contact me for session details. It is never too early to book with me. 

Q: I love your shots of the red Cardinal in the tree. It is so peaceful. Is scenery a favorite focus for you? 

A: I love shooting pictures of nature for fun. Whenever I am at home and want to practice shooting, I just go outside during the day and see what is out there. Nature wise, I have shot anything from flowers, to trees, to bees, to birds, to butterflies, and anything in between. I loved getting pictures of that cardinal because they are such a beautiful creature created by God. 

Q: Have you ever photographed a person with their animal(s)? 

A: I have never had an animal in my session before. However, I am shooting my cousin’s college graduation pictures this Friday. She asked me if she can bring her dog to her session. Of course, I said yes. If you ever have a session with me, and you wonder if your fur baby is allowed, the answer is ALWAYS yes. 

Q: What community events have you covered? 

A: In the summer of 2019, I was hired by the Rutledge Recreation Department to take pictures at their Memorial Day event. They had so many tents set up at the park, and I saw a lot of cute things that were being sold. They also had live music, a jumpy house, and a parade. The parade consisted of many different unique things. I had so much fun at this event. Even though this has been the only community event I have been hired for so far, I would love to do more.  

Q: With the state of Georgia slowly opening up for business again, there will be many ecstatic family reunions. How would someone book a session? 

A: First, you can send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram. Also, you may email me or call.  Email: cknight0204@icloud.com  or Cell: 706-717-0745.

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