Nearly $5 million in Morgan County real estate sold in 10 days

Staff Written News

Compiled by Dianne Yost


May 8, 2020

• John David Smith of Cherryville, NC to John M. Goodwin of Ellenwood, Ga., 2040 Shadow Lake Drive, Buckhead, $385,000.

May 11, 2020

• Sue Johnston of Spring Hill, Tenn. to Bryan R. Queen of Newborn, 2201 Broughton Road, Newborn, $395,000.

• Ronald G. Peace aka R. Gregory Peace of Madison to Jennifer Ellen Jones of Madison, 3161 Apalachee Road, 3.72 acres, Madison, $259,900.

• Theresa Wertheim of Greensboro, Ga. to Kimberly Bartlett Watkins of Buckhead, 1541 Sugar Creek Trail, 0.89 acre, Buckhead, $549,500.

• Eugina Swain of Madison to Shannon Burke of Madison, 1080 Bramblewood Drive, Madison, $56,657.

• Zachary L. Williams of Madison to Morgan Ellerbee Stewart of Madison, 1240 Wildflower Way, Madison, $225,000.

May 12, 2020

• Christian P. Williams of Madison to William Noble Hyatt of Madison, 035/0247, 0.127 acre, $1,500.

May 13, 2020

• Jonathan Russel Folmar and Margaret G. Folmar of Cedarburg, WI, Paul Schofield of Greensboro, Ga., 1081 Old Rock Road, Buckhead, $90,000.

May 14, 2020

• Arnold D. Wiley and Arlene Wiley of Rutledge to Lee Dale of Madison, 2490 Monticello Highway, Madison, $429,900.

• U.S. Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual …* of Irvine, Calif. to Woodridge US Properties, LP of Abilene, Texas, 2551 Athens Highway, Madison, $12,500.

• Michael B. Fulcher of Madison to Rhonda D. Taylor of Madison, 1061 Shoals Court, 1.5 acres, Madison, $250,000.

• Christian P Williams of Madison to Michael Fulcher of Madison, 1031 Arbor Court, 1.003 acres, Madison, $332,000.

• James R. Shaw, Jr., Susan Shaw Stark, and David Forrest Smith of Jefferson, Ga. to Ben T. Crowe of Farmington, Ga., Sandy Creek Road, 69.22 acres, Madison, $354,753.

• Ben T. Crowe of Buckhead to Michael Quackenbush of Madison, Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $190,000.

• Ben T. Crowe of Buckhead to Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Madison, Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $80,000.

• Ronald M. Erwin of Madison to Alcovy Builders, Inc. of Loganville, Ga., 2361 Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $275,000.

• BPIV Land, LLC of Madison to Andrew P. Jones of Monroe, Ga., Sandy Creek Road, 10.22 acres, Madison, $99,190.

• PIT Properties, LLC of Madison to Paul James Ellard of Rutledge, Sandy Creek Road, 33.554 acres, Madison, $225,000.

May 18, 2020

• Jackson L. Bone of Buckhead to Nicole Maier of Rutledge, 1910 Reese Road, 1 acre, Rutledge, $165,000.

• Morgan Lindsey Ulrich of Madison to Linda S. Glover of Madison, 763 Markhams Drive, 0.32 acre, Madison, $315,000.

• Terry R. Philips of Madison to Doyle M. Moore of Madison, 1011 Oak Hill Lane, Madison, $200,000.

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