Our Stories: I’d Rather Laugh

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By Mary Ellen Price

The first two weeks of this shut-in I was really good. Only went to the grocery store once a week (early in the morning for us seniors) wearing my mask and tried to stay home as much as possible. But staying at home turned into one catastrophe after another. The middle of March I noticed my refrigerator leaking water all over the floor in my newly remodeled kitchen and on into the dining room. I thought, no problem, I have a Service Warranty so I called the number only to be put on hold for 45 minutes and then disconnected. Call back and finally got a person only to be told they didn’t know when they could get to me but someone would call and set up an appointment. If I did not hear from them in 72 hours I was to call back. Waited four days and called again and was told the same thing – if I did not hear from them to call back in 72 hours.

All the sub floor in the corner of the kitchen is ruined. Waited six weeks and called the company again and the first person I talked to said didn’t show any calls from me but they would get back to me. Waited again and the next person I talked to said, “Oh you, I see you called the middle of March and the technician would call and set me up an appointment.” Two weeks ago I got a call from the technician who said he was at the Wal-Mart and needed my address and would be at my house in 10 minutes. (Sure glad I was home but this gets worse).

The refrigerator had a clogged drain line and two leaks. He had a part to fix one leak but would have to order the other one and it would come directly to my house and he would be back in two weeks and fix it. Yesterday he called again from Wal-Mart and wanted to know my address and he would be here in 10 minutes. He arrived and I was so glad to see him and I thought this ordeal would soon be over. He asked me where the part was and I told him I didn’t know as I thought he had it. He checked his phone and told me someone had signed for it last week. NOT ME – They still had my address as Wal-Mart’s so he guessed the part must be there. He left to go check on it and I asked him to please call me back with update and if he was coming back to my house. So as of today I have not heard or seen hide nor hair of him and my refrigerator is still sitting in the middle of my kitchen 10 weeks later.

Flash back to the month of April. When moving the furniture in my dining room to pull the carpet up two knobs got broken on my china cabinet. Not finding a match at Lowe’s or Home Depot I headed to Ace Hardware in Social Circle. Called my daughter to meet me there and as we walked through the Garden Center I saw an expensive unusual 6 ft. Tall Whirly-Gig. Nancy said she and her sisters would buy it for me for Christmas but I could have it now. Stood it up in my front yard but one of the flowers didn’t spin. Called Ace Hardware and they said to bring it back and leave it and they would fix it. Called Nancy and told her I guess I had been bad because Santa took my present back to Social Circle. A week later it was back in my yard but still didn’t work. Long story short they got me a new one and it’s beautiful. However decided to pull some weeds while I was outside and got in a batch of chiggers. Time to stay back in the house. Turned the ceiling fan on in my sunroom and smoke came out. Found out in a hurry where the circuit breakers were.

The following week my car battery died so I called the Car Care place at noon and they said they would come in an hour. Someone dropped the ball as no one came. At 6 p.m. my daughter from Loganville and I took thecae to an Auto Parts store and got a new battery and every thing working fine.

Mother’s Day I was having lunch at a restaurant with family and I kept getting pains in my side. Monday morning off to the doctor and on to the hospital for an MRI. After five holes in my arm from trying to draw blood they decided I had a kidney stone. Recovered nicely so I thought since my carpet was torn up in the dining room I would pull off the old wallpaper and re-wallpaper. Was almost done and ran out of wallpaper (still waiting for new shipment). Don’t wait very easily so next I decided to do some painting. Off to Greensboro for some paint and when I finished the room I didn’t like the color so off to Greensboro again. Second choice is better and it looks great.

Got a call the other day that my credit card had been compromised so I can’t use that.

My friend June called the other day and after my tale of woes she said, “Mary Ellen bad things come in three’s – well I’m way past that now and can’t wait every morning to see what’s going to go wrong today.

They say this is the new normal. I sure hope not! Barbara Johnson wrote in her book – “We cannot protect ourselves from trouble, but we can dance through the puddles of life with a rainbow smile, twirling the only umbrella we need – the umbrella of God’s Love.”

I’ve decided you either have to Laugh or Cry and I would rather laugh.

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