Small noose left on forklift leads company to seek answers, bring in outside investigators

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Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

An ominous symbol of hate and racism was left at the Bard Manufacturing plant in Madison. Workers found a small noose hung from a forklift on June 1. The discovery of the noose has led to two investigations and beefed up security for employees, who were unnerved by the highly-charged symbol of hate and violence. Pictures reveal that the noose was the size of a standard pair of scissors. According to the CEO of Bard Manufacturing, Bill Steel, the company is taking the incident seriously and investigating the matter.

“Any form of harassment at Bard Manufacturing is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said Steel.  “We have an established non-harassment policy defined in our employee policy handbook that clearly outlines unacceptable behavior, and reinforces the Bard family’s guiding principle that all individuals are welcomed to work at Bard Manufacturing.”

Bard has not been able to determine who left the noose as of yet. 

“Regarding this specific incident, we have taken several steps to try and identify the person involved and to make sure this type of harassment never happens again,” said Steel. “After conducting our own internal investigation, our plant management held small group meetings with every Bard employee to listen to their concerns, inform them that the incident is under investigation, and reiterate that this type of harassment is unacceptable and subject to termination.”

Bard as now recruited an outside investigator to look into the matter. 

“Since our internal investigation did not provide any leads, we have also taken the extra step to hire a third-party investigator who will interview our employees and continue to investigate the incident to the fullest extent,” said Steel.   “We have also committed to providing on-site security while we are conducting this full-scale investigation.”

Steel pledged to update the Morgan County Citizen about the matter should the investigation yield more information about the situation.

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