Our Stories: It’s been a time to pray for others

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By Dottie Barrett

May those who do not know Christ see something in the way we live our lives and love others that draw them to Christ. 

In my 85 years, I have never experienced a time like we are living in today. I am thankful that I live in Morgan County during this pandemic. I feel so blessed that all four of our children also live in Morgan County, as well as two of the four grandchildren and four of the six great grandchildren. Two grands are in the military and Mema prays a lot for these precious grandsons. 

This time at home has been a time to be still and reflect on my life. I have thought so much about my family – my precious Momma and Daddy, Lois, Pete, Bud and Betty. So much love in my family. Growing up we didn’t have TV or a vehicle, so we stayed home then, but we found lots to do, so this has reminded me of how things used to be. Now, in 2020, my parents and all my siblings have passed away. I miss them everyday. 

I am thankful for the time at home. It seems I always had somewhere I needed to go, so I have had to slow down. I am happy when I am sewing or making crafts. I especially like to make angels to share, so I have enjoyed having time to do that.  While I have stayed busy at home, I have missed going to church, visiting friends, having my hair done, and visiting in the grocery store. I have had to depend on others for groceries and other things we’ve needed. That isn’t easy. I am thankful for the family, neighbors and friends that have checked on us and have taken care of our needs. The phone has been a lifeline to stay connected with others, but I miss hugs.

This has been a good time to reflect on my life, a time to remember and thank God for his goodness to us. On June 29th, Marvin and I will celebrate our 69th wedding anniversary.  It’s been a time to pray for others, especially those with the virus and those that have lost loved ones, a time to pray for our churches and give thanks that we have been able to worship online. It’s a time to get your life in order and remember that God is in control.

Dottie Barrett

I graduated from Morgan County High School in 1951 and retired from the Morgan County School System in 1991. 

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