Tickled Pig BBQ to open soon in Madison

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Dine Small Y’all! As y’all know, most of our restaurants are open and running and honey we’re just about fixin’ to get another dining’ option in Morgan County! Trust me: a little piggy told me all ‘bout it!

I’m talkin’ all about the soon-to-open Tickled Pig BBQ located at 270 West Washington St.! This new small, family-owned business is gonna take off before July 4th so keep watchin’ this column and the Citizen’s FB page for opening updates! Hey and the Tickled Pig BBQ also has its own FB page so like and follow that page too! 

Ok so I popped in there yesterday to get the scoop and I can’t smack wait for this restaurant to open up! The remodeled space is beautiful and simple with new flooring, casual picnic table seating, new counter and great wall décor that showcases the family’s BBQ journey! A large menu is displayed chalkboard style above the counter to make ordering super easy! 

But one thing is certain: There is no doubt this place is owned and operated by people who love to cook BBQ. Owners Bobby and Tiffney Ray have been working tirelessly to get the restaurant ready for its debut! And, their three kids, including sons Jaxon and Camden and their daughter Sadie, are helping out too.

Bobby says opening a brick and mortar restaurant has been a dream of his for more than 10 years! And, he’s always loved the complex art of cooking and smoking BBQ beginning at home for his family. Bobby later took a class with renowned Food Network and BBQ star Amy Mills and branched out to competing in cook-off events and festivals.

Last year, the family added a full-kitchen BBQ trailer to the mix and branded it with the Tickled Pig BBQ name so that they could better showcase their delicious food at festivals all over the state where they picked up a strong fan following. A physical restaurant is the natural progression for this cool, branded concept! 

And, did I mention Tickled Pig BBQ is award-winnin? Well it is! In fact they’ve competed in our own Local Annual Southern Classic BBQ Competition sponsored by Farmview Market for years and have placed multiple times in ribs and tri-tips! 

As to the menu, they are keeping it simple: “We’re going to stick with what we do best,” said Bobby. And, that’s Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken and Spare Ribs! Lord help me cause I’m fixin’ to bust out of my diet! 

So the menu includes Sandwiches of Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken; Plates with Brisket, Smoked Chicken, Spare ribs or Pulled Pork. Oh and the sides they offer are Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, French Fries and Brunswick Stew.  They also offer a peach cobbler for dessert. But y’all one of their all-time faves among Tickle Pig fans is their appetizer.  .  . drum roll please . . . Brisket Cheese Fries! Oh. My. Ever. Livin’. GOSH! Ok so it starts with a layer of crispy fries, then a layer of chopped brisket and topped with Colby Jack cheese . . . it’s popped under the broiler to create a melted treat from the BBQ Gods! And, to top it all off, they have a special, super, secret sauce to add to it too. Lord Have Mercy!  And, speakin’ of sauces, this is Tiffney’s department and she says they offer a sweet sauce, a mustard sauce that they call Liquid Gold because it’s their most popular sauce and a vinegar based sauce.  

Hey and y’all check out their cool logo that was created by local Ryan Lewis of L6 Designs! Yikes! I nearly forgot: Once the Tickled Pig is open, hours of operation will be:  Wednesdays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. They will offer curbside pick up, dine-in and orders to go! I’ll see you there!

Ok y’all! Shop Small Y’all. Dine Small Y’all. And, Read Small Y’all – The Morgan County Citizen that is! Your small businesses in Morgan County depend on it! 

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