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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, community care efforts are still unfolding to ensure needy families have essential supplies. Two community groups joined forces last weekend to give away 700 boxes of fresh produce to needy families. 

The Madison Lions Club and The Living Life Team, a support group for the visually-impaired, collaborated to procure a massive donation from Collins Brothers Produce in Atlanta. 

Rita Harris, president of both the Madison Lions Club and the Living Life Team, spearheaded the effort for the produce give away. 

“We were able to give away 700 boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables,” said Harris. 

Since the pandemic broke out, Harris, who herself is legally-blind, has been arranging for food and meal deliveries for visually-impaired people in Morgan County and surrounding counties. 

“The visually impaired and other disabled people don’t have the luxury to just get in their cars and go get care packages,” said Harris. 

Through her work arranging meals and food deliveries, she came across an opportunity to receive a large donation from the Collins Brothers Produce company to distribute from the Madison Lions Club for anyone who needed it. Harris reached out to pastors, senior care facility workers, and other community leaders to compile lists of families who needed fresh produce. Volunteers from each organization came to pick up their portion of the produce giveaway boxes and then took them to distribute to families in need. 

“It was a huge success,” said Harris, who added about 25 volunteers came out last Saturday to help assemble and distribute produce boxes. Inside each of the produce boxes, the volunteers placed brochures for the Madison Lions Club and the Living Life Team, in addition to health information about diabetes. 

“We also want to help educate people about their health,” said Harris. 

Harris hopes people will support the Madison Lions Club, which aims to give back to the community through various service projects, and the Living Life Team, which provides a unique support system for the visually-impaired. 

To find out more information about the Living Life Team, or to donate to the organization, visit:

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