Ingles shoplifting leads to high speed interstate chase

Staff Written Law Enforcement

By Patrick Yost


A shoplifting at Ingles led Madison Police Department officers and a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy on a high-speed chase on Interstate 20 before the chase was suspended and the suspects fled. 

According to Madison Police Department reports, officers were called to Ingles on Wednesday, June 17 regarding three men who had allegedly loaded a shopping cart, pushed the cart to a maroon 2006 Hyundai Sonata and fled westbound on Interstate 20.

Reports state that the cart was full of approximately $100 worth of merchandise, including beer, meat, juice and paper products.

A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy initiated pursuit on the Hyundai on the interstate and, reports state, activated emergency lights and sirens while the chase exceeded speeds of more than 90 mph. A Madison police officer also joined the chase. Both officers broke off the chase near the 93 mile marker westbound on Interstate 20.

Video surveillance, reports state, captured the theft, the vehicle and the suspects. Authorities also obtained the vehicle’s Georgia license tag number.

According to Madison Police Department Chief Bill Ashburn, officers use discretion when determining to end pursuit that weigh several factors including overall public safety.  “Sometimes by us chasing them we are creating a greater danger than the original action so we have to look at the totality of the circumstances at the time,” he said.

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