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Madison Police Department

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On June 14 a home invasion and criminal damage to property complaint was filed at an East Jefferson Street residence. According to reports, a man called police after he heard a crash come from the back of his apartment and then found a bleeding man inside his residence. Reports state that the complainant said at approximately 3 a.m. he found a bleeding man asking the complainant to call police. The bleeding man allegedly told the complainant that he had broken a window and entered the residence because “someone was after him” with a gun. Police gave aid to the man. Reports state that a flashlight was found in the apartment and blood was on the walls, carpets and furnishings. A large butcher knife was found hidden in a couch. The complainant said the man alleged that four men had tried to rob him outside the apartment but that he had heard no commotion or disturbance. The man’s shoes were located outside the back window that had been broken. The man was transported to Athens Regional Medical Center and the incident remains under investigation.

On June 9 a fraud complaint was filed at Red Roof Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had used her Visa card to charge $332.40 at Red Roof Inn. The woman said the last time she had used her bank card was on May 28 at a dentist office and noticed the card missing a day later. Officers located a woman who was staying in the room that was paid for. That woman said that a friend had booked the room in her name on and had agreed to pay for her stay. The woman said when she contacted her friend regarding the fraudulent charge, the friend accused her of trying to steal her account information and blocked her phone calls. The woman lives at a Sinclair Marina Road residence, reports state. The funds were reimbursed to the complainant by the Red Roof Inn.

On June 16 a theft by deception complaint was filed at Pilot Truck Stop, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she had listed a Ragdoll cat for sale on Facebook and met with a male and female at the truck stop to complete the sale. The woman said the couple agreed to send her $200 and took the cat. Since the meeting, however, the couple has not sent the woman any money and will not respond to her calls.

On June 18 a fraud complaint was filed at a Fairgrounds Road location. According to reports, a man said he received a phone call from someone who alleged that he was going to be arrested for money laundering in Texas. The man said he gave the caller his full name and Social Security number. The caller also told the man that his Turbo Tax card had been frozen. The man told police he currently does not have any active bank accounts.

On June 16 a fraud complaint was filed at a Commerce Drive location. According to reports, a woman said that someone was using her company’s name to post fake job postings. The woman said on June 15 she realized her email account had been hacked. The woman said she also realized that the company’s FedEx account had been compromised after a Las Vegas woman contacted the company to report that she had received a package from the company. The package was returned to the Madison company and contained a $3,899.45 check made out to the Las Vegas woman that came from a Louisiana hospital. The hospital was contacted and told police that they were aware that several of their checks had been compromised.

On June 11 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Confederate Road location. According to reports, a man told police that on May 23 he had been involved in a vehicle crash and his vehicle had been towed to the Confederate Road facility. The man said he had received a phone call from a woman representing the at-fault driver’s insurance company regarding a settlement but the man said he declined and was still negotiating with the insurance company. 

He also said the insurance company, or a company acting on their behalf, did not have his permission to remove the vehicle. However, the man said a Loganville company allegedly removed the vehicle on June 10.

On June 19 an information report was filed at a Morgan Circle location. According to reports, an officer reported that at 10:15 while he was stationary in a patrol car at Welcome Church, Fifth Street and Hough Circle, he heard approximately 20 shots fired. The officer drove to where he thought the shots had originated from but residents near there said they had not heard any shots 

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