Artist Guild making big move to E. Jefferson

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West Side Story, West Jefferson Street that is. Right so the other day I was just shoppin’ downtown, mindin’ my own ding dang business when all of a sudden I saw a gaggle of people movin’ boxes, display cases and whatnot from Main Street to West Jefferson! Shoot Fire! That big ole Curiosity Bug flat bit me in the Boomwacker! Bullseye! Ouch! Shoot Fire! I smack had no choice but to channel my inner spy and clandestinely follow ‘em! What the?  They disappeared into an empty storefront! So I just barged on in and got the SCOOP (no I’m not talkin’ ‘bout ice cream, but that sure would be a cool treat ‘bout right now!). 

Anyhow y’all, here’s what I discovered! The Madison Artists Guild Gallery (a.k.a. MAG Gallery) is movin’ from its Main Street location to 125 West Jefferson in downtown Madison! It’s just down from The Back Porch. 

Anyhow Karen Wibell, who serves on the Madison Artists Guild board, was in there just a workin’ up a storm and she was gracious enough to give me a grand tour of the new space that will open in July!

First off, the MAG Gallery team has been busy renovating the building. In a word, it’s gorgeous! 

Karen says the new space has a wonderful, arty feel with high ceilings, gallery track lighting, hardwood floors and two huge glass storefront windows that deliver an abundance of natural light and provides the perfect space to display the gallery’s amazing local art to everyone on the street! 

The best part is that Karen says they have a large space that they are designing as an area for on-site classes! 

I’m talking, water color, oil and acrylic painting classes, jewelry making classes, pottery, you name it! I cannot wait! 

For those of you that don’t know, the Madison Artists Guild Gallery showcases art from more than 20 local and regional artists from paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry and more. What do they think about the new space? Local painter Diane Lewis said, “The brick walls and hardwood floors add so much character and beauty for displaying all of the great art by some many talented artists. I can’t wait for our First Fridays to begin again.”

Photographer Charlotte Detienne is thrilled with the new space. “The new gallery is beautifully finished! My hope is that the new, improved MAG Gallery will provide locals and visitors with a place to meet, explore and learn as well as give our artists the opportunity to share their work in a welcoming and inspirational space.” 

Painter Louise Lauderdale says the new art gallery space has a fun character to it. “We enjoy working together and the Madison Artists Guild leadership is so helpful.”

There you have it! Keep watching this column, the Citizen’s FB page and the Madison Artists Guild’s FB page for more on the opening date! In the meantime, y’all be careful with those firecrackers! 

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