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On June 27 Oscar Kelly Sasnett, 37, Marietta, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. According to reports, a woman at the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road, alleged that Sasnett, her “on and off again boyfriend” had kicked in her motel room door while she was at the store. The woman also alleged that two days prior Sasnett had damaged the door. Sasnett was not at the Budget Inn when an officer arrived. However, reports state, an hour later the complainant called 911 to report that Sasnett had allegedly returned, was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Sasnett left the area again. Reports state that the woman called 911 three more times that night to report that Sasnett had returned, would enter the room briefly, make remarks and then leave. An officer observed the woman’s room at midnight and allegedly observed Sasnett walk up to the woman’s room while speaking loudly. The officer approached Sasnett and “determined that he was in fact heavily intoxicated.” He was then arrested.

On June 27 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a East Jefferson Street residence. According to reports, a woman said after someone knocked on her door she went to the door and heard the distinct sound of air leaving one of her vehicle’s tires. The woman said that recently she had given a woman a ride to the Relax Inn and, later, the woman called her to pick her up and the complainant refused the request. The complainant believes the woman had punctured her tire in retaliation for not giving her a ride.

On June 28 Amy Michelle Stewart, 42, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects, driving while license suspended, no proof of insurance and unregistered vehicle. According to reports, at 10 a.m. officers conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road on a Ford Expedition driven by Stewart who, reports state, officers knew had suspended license. Consequent to the traffic stop, officers allegedly found a blue and pink striped bag containing suspected methamphetamine in a black container. Two empty bags and a scale  were also located in the bag. 

On June 26 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a man stated that he had  a Yamaha YZ 450 four wheeler on the back of his Dodge pickup truck at 11 p.m. He said the next morning his girlfriend left and when she returned at 9 a.m. the four wheeler was not on the truck. The four wheeler is valued at $3,500.

On June 27  Lashandra Evett Harden, 39, Madison was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and cruelty to children. According to reports, officers were dispatched to the Super 8 motel, Eatonton Road regarding a fight in progress in the parking lot at 10:20 p.m. When officers arrived they did not observe a fight but did observe a woman in a red car who had dropped a hammer out of the vehicle. The officers stopped the woman and the woman alleged that earlier she had been walking down steps to her vehicle when Harden confronted her with the hammer. The woman alleged that she was in a relationship with a man with whom Harden is also in a relationship and that Harden then allegedly struck her with the hammer, scratched her in multiple places and broke her right fingernail. She also alleged that the fight occurred in front of Harden’s three children. An officer drove to Harden’s residence where she allegedly admitted taking the hammer to the motel after the man in question told her the complainant was not at the motel. Harden allegedly told officers that when she observed the woman leaving a room “one thing led to another.”  The hammer was retained as evidence.

On June 26 Javonne Lakesta Waller, 24, Decatur was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, an officer was dispatched to Interstate 20 regarding an alleged reckless driver. The officer located the vehicle and followed and allegedly observed the vehicle weaving. Consequent to a traffic stop the officer allegedly found a package of commercially packaged marijuana in the vehicle.

On June 20 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had taken her Taurus 9mm semi-auto pistol. The pistol has an Army green slide lower grip and trigger guard. The pistol had been stored in a drawer by the stove. The woman said she had hosted a party the night before with a number of guests.

On June 22 a 16-year-old male was arrested and charged with pointing or aiming a gun at another in the McDonald’s parking lot, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a 57-year-old man alleged that as he was attempting to leave The Bottle Shop, Eatonton Road, a red Ford Focus began to ease out of its parking stall. The man said he honked the horn and yelled at the occupants in the Focus. He alleged that a man then pointed a gun out the window, pointed it at the complainant and then said something to the effect of “I’ll just shoot you.” The man said he left in fear for his safety and drove across the street to the Dollar General store where he then contacted law enforcement. An officer located the Focus in the drive through lane. Officers responded and removed the driver from the Focus and the teen and a black air soft gun. The teen told the officer that he and his friends were sitting at the Bottle Shop waiting for another friend to text them directions. The teen said when he started pulling out of the parking space the complainant allegedly honked his horn and shouted racial slurs. The teen said he became enraged and pointed the toy gun at the man.

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