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By Mark and Terry Bowers

Although the pandemic has kept Terry and I from our passion for traveling, it has been an eventful period in our lives. 

We became grandparents for the first time. Our oldest son Dillon and his wife Anne, blessed us with the birth of a grandson Cullen Terrell Bowers on March 15th (Ides of March). We were able to travel to Long Island, N.Y. to see Cullen a few days after his birth. We spent six days with them in Hampton Bays before the pandemic began restricting travel in New York. 

Another major event occurred for Dillon and Anne when in May, Dillon received his Masters degree in International Relations from Harvard University. Although we had planned to celebrate his accomplishment in Cambridge with the family, like most graduation ceremonies throughout the country, it was canceled until the fall as a result of the pandemic.

Another wonderful event in our lives during this pandemic happened with our youngest son Bancs and his beautiful wife Blaire. She finished her residency in Florida and they were able to settle in their home in Augusta,Ga. She was able to begin her work as an Emergency Room Doctor at University Hospital during this pandemic. 

Terry and I were able to spend a weekend babysitting for some of their college friends who are first responders and their wives. This allowed them to spend needed time together as adults and not worry about their children.

 As for staying busy at home during this pandemic, Terry has stayed extremely busy in both her flower and vegetable gardens while I helped pull weeds left handed. I chose during this pandemic to have shoulder surgery in April, which I have needed for several years. I have spent a lot of time rehabilitating  it at home and seeing all my new found friends at East Athens Rehabilitation. 

I have tried to use my quiet time at home to catch up on my reading and connect with old high school friends and teammates from my days at Furman University. We both have kept up with live services on Facebook through our church, Madison Baptist. 

We look forward to getting back to our sanctuary the middle of July and seeing our Christian brothers and sisters. We are also really looking forward to traveling again in the weeks and months ahead.       

Mark and Terry Bowers

Mark and Terry Bowers have been residents of Madison for 27 years. Both are currently retired. Mark was a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Investments for 25 years in downtown Madison. Terry is a retired Registered Nurse, who most recently worked for the Public Health Department in both Greene and Morgan Counties. They raised two sons, Dillon 34 years old and Bancs 32 years old.  

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