More than $11 million in real estate sold

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Compiled by Dianne Yost


June 17, 2020

• Kay H. Jones of Madison to Back 25, LLC of Clinton, SC, 1370 Medlock Road, 25 acres, Buckhead, $405,000.

June 18, 2020

• George Andrew Smith of Madison to Melvin L. Thomas of Madison, 1070Whispering Lakes Trail, 1.22 acres, Buckhead, $258,000.

• R&D Properties GA, LLC of Monroe, Ga. to Michael Chism of Madison, 3801 Brownwood Road, Madison, $455,803.

June 19, 2020

• Kantilal V. Patel of Conyers, Ga. to Bradley Odell Ingram of Rutledge, 4620 Atlanta Highway, Rutledge, $224,100.

• David Smith of Madison to Jamie Glenn Purvis of Madison, 1580 Godfrey Road, 10.256 acres, Madison, $405,000.

• Iron Horse Developments LLC of Monroe, Ga. to Cory Byrd Seymour of Madison, 1060 Windsor Creek Drive, Madison, $368,000.

• Nathan Edward Hughes of Marietta, Ga. to Thomas E. Beien of Rutledge, 1220 Old Mill Road, 53.94 acres, Rutledge, $514,000.

• David G. Newton of Griffin, Ga. to RLI Properties, LLC of Madison, Godfrey Road, 5 acres, Madison, $62,500.

June 22, 2020

• Tammy Ashurst of Madison to James Wilson, Sr. of Madison, 579 Village Road, Madison, $265,000.

• Ryan Cathey of Madison to Kathleen Bryant of Madison, 1011 White Street, Madison, $169,000.

June 23, 2020

• Ellwood F. Oakley, III of Atlanta to Irven Bernard Penn of Madison, 4400 Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $845,000.

• Janie H. Williams of Madison to Christina G. Hodges of Madison, 1210 Three Notch Road, Buckhead, $370,000.

• Randall Scott Rolader of Madison to Christopher W. Carter of Buckhead, 1100 Fieldcrest Court, Buckhead, $430,000.

June 24, 2020

• George A. Lindsey of Dublin, Ga. to Randall S. Rolader of Madison, 1207 Four Lakes Drive, Madison, $340,000.

• James David Youngblood of Madison to James Cody Arnold of Madison, 1121 Commerce Street, 0.413 acre, Madison, $178,000.

June 25, 2020

• James S. Ball of Madison to Kimberly Skinner of Loganville, Ga., Ponder Pines Road, 25.193 acres, Madison, $60,000.

• Trenia R. Phillips of Gainesville, Ga. to Donald R. Stevens of Marietta, 1551 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $170,000.

• Macon E. Moore, Jr. of Buckhead to Franklin Daniel Miller of Milledgeville, Ga., 12.20 AC Parks Mill Road, 12.2 acres, Buckhead, $109,000.

• Richard W. McGinnis of Madison to Ronald G. Boulware of Madison, 1201 Dixie Highway, 2.62 acres, Madison, $625,000.

• Christopher M. Milam of Madison to Jarrod T. Youkin of Madison, 3151 Indian Creek Road, 10 acres, Madison, $395,000.

June 27, 2020

• Madison, Ltd. Of Stockbridge, Ga. to Pick One, LLC of Madison, U.S. Highway 441, 40.676 acres, Madison, $260,000.

• Darren E. Cochran of Bellvue, Colo. to Tony E. Floyd of Sharpsburg, Ga., 1081 Fraction Bottom Road, 4 acres, Buckhead, $120,000.

• Richard Cory Nunnally, Sr. of Madison to David Carson of Madison, Greensboro Highway, 10 acres, Madison, $50,000.

• Marlene McMichael of Eatonton, Ga. to Barbara Jo Crawford of Madison, 1007 Mulberry Court, Madison, 0.176 acre, $239,900.

June 29, 2020

• Algin Investments, LLC of Loganville, Ga. to Jennifer Hunter of Bishop, 1881 Price Mill Road, 1 acre, Bishop, $169,000.

June 30, 2020

• Gertrude C. Rainwater of Newnan, Ga. to Stephen W. Hall of Savannah, Ga., 1800 Apalachee Woods Trail, 0.78 acre, Buckhead, $366,540.

• Drake Holdings, LLC of Athens, Ga. to Old Buckhead Farm, LLC of Madison, Old Buckhead Road, 285.282 acres, Buckhead, $1,155,755.

• Drake Holdings, LLC of Athens, Ga. to Longleaf Rooftops, LLC of Madison, Old Buckhead Road, 6 acres, Buckhead, $24,245.

• Consolidated Holdings, Inc. of Madison to MRK Aviation, LLC of Athens, Ga., Portion of 7 Airport Industrial Blvd. Madison, $128,500.

• Christopher Cepuran of Madison to Michael Burk of Madison, 3251 Atlanta Highway, Madison, $550,000.

• Michael Evans of Rutledge to Duane Turner of Madison, 1040 Whispering Lakes Trail, Madison, $245,000.

• Timothy J. Smith of Madison to Michael Evans of Rutledge, 143 Fairplay Street, 0.44 acre, Rutledge, $189,900.

• Barbara Brown Bullock, Executrix of the Last Will & Test…* of Rutledge to Logical Properties, LLC of Covington, Ga., 129 Centennial Road, Rutledge $140,000.

• Beth Goodwin of Madison to Frances Kimsey of Madison, 260 E. Washington St., 0.36 acre, Madison, $440,000.

• Cole C. Patterson of Madison, to Dylan Jefferson Carson of Madison, 757 Markhams Drive, Madison, $319,000.

• Christian Tornio of Bishop to Caleb Stephen Shepherd of Bishop, 1600 Price Mill Road, 2.01 acres, Bishop, $200,000.

• Cory Byrd Seymour and Kathryn Leeann Seymour of Madison to Randall Keith Sewell of Madison, 2831 Sandy Creek Road, 3.02 acres, Madison,  $367,000.

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