Our Stories: My Life During the Pandemic

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by Carson Monk

My life during the pandemic has been different than my life before the pandemic.  It has changed a lot these past five months.  I didn’t have school and I had to learn from home for about one hour a day with my mom and dad.  I have been doing a lot of soccer on my own and at training camps with other players and coaches.  I have been visiting my grandma and grandpa a lot and swimming in our friend’s pool.  We have taken care of their dog when we use their pool.  

We have watched church a lot from home.  I miss seeing all my friends at school and birthday parties.  During the day and at night, we play with our next door neighbors.  We play a lot outside catching worms, throwing the football, the frisbee, playing basketball and riding our bikes all over the neighborhood.  Lately, we’ve gone to the lake and the pool with some of our friends, and that has been fun.  

We hope we can get back to normal soon because I want to get back to school and see all my friends outside of school.  I hope everyone is OK during the pandemic.  

God bless everyone.  God will be with you always.  Isaiah 41:10 says you should fear not and be strong.  

Carson Monk is the son of Robby and Jamie Monk.  He lives in Hoschton, GA and is entering the fourth grade.  Carson has always talked about when he grows up, he wants to open his own company called “God’s Travel World” where he will tell everyone around the world about God and his son Jesus.

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