Multiple cars broken into, guns, cash grabbed

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By Patrick Yost


Approximately 24 vehicles were burglarized on one night at two Morgan County subdivisions last week.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, both Buckhead Manor and Whispering Lakes subdivisions had multiple car break-ins resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in cash and the loss of at least four firearms.

Reports state that on Friday, sometime between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. 17 vehicles in Whispering Lakes subdivision were entered. Video surveillance in the subdivision showed a white SUV enter the subdivision at 3:12 a.m. and leave the subdivision at 3:54 a.m. Reports state that all 17 vehicles entered and rifled through were not locked.

Investigators spread out over the neighborhood and interviewed vehicle owners who woke to open car doors and cash missing from vehicles. In total, $320 was taken in Whispering Lakes subdivision and a Glock 23 handgun and a Glock 43 handgun, each valued at $450, were taken.

The same night seven vehicles in the Buckhead Manor subdivision were entered. Reports state that at Buckhead Manor three firearms, including a Heckler & Koch 9 mm pistol, a Glock 42 and a 38 Special pistol, were taken along with an iphone and approximately $200 in cash. Victims reported that their vehicles had been gone through and items tossed around the interior of the vehicles. One man’s wallet was located in a yard and another victim said his wallet was left in his vehicle but not disturbed. Video surveillance of a suspect’s vehicle was given by two homeowners to investigators at the scene.

Lt. Brandon Sellers, Criminal Investigation Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, said investigators are “following several leads. We do believe we have identified a group that may be responsible.”

Lt. Sellers also warned homeowners to secure valuables, especially in vehicles and to lock doors. “We are seeing this time and time again. They simply come up and grab door handles and go inside cars. They very rarely break windows.”

“Criminal are looking for people being complacent,” he said. “That’s when they tend to strike.”

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