COVID cases explode

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

In one month’s time, Morgan County’s confirmed case count of the coronavirus has tripled, rising to 175 cases as of press time on Tuesday, July 28. 

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Morgan County was discovered on March 24.  It took the next three months for Morgan County’s confirmed coronavirus cases to near 50. Last month, On June 29, Morgan County was up to 49 confirmed cases. Today, that number has more than tripled to 175 confirmed cases, with 11 hospitalizations and zero deaths. 

Morgan County is not alone, as counties all across Georgia are seeing confirmed cases spike. Part of the rise in confirmed cases is due to increased testing, but health experts warn that the rate of positives is also rising, which means the coronavirus is spreading at a greater rate. 

As cases soar across the Peach State, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp unveiled a “Four Things for Four Weeks” initiative, urging all Georgians to do four things to combat the coronavirus pandemic for the next month: wear a mask in public, social distance, wash hands frequently, and follow the guidelines put forth in the Governor’s executive order. 

“Today, I am encouraging all Georgians – from every corner of our great state – to do four things for four weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Kemp. “If Georgians commit to wearing a mask, socially distancing, washing their hands regularly, and following the guidance in our Executive Order and from public health officials, we can make incredible progress in the fight against COVID-19. Together, we can protect our loved ones, revive our economy, and continue to take measured steps forward.”

“Georgians, we need your help,” said Dr. Kathleen Toomey, M.D, M.P.H., Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health. “By implementing these simple – but effective – practices, we can slow the spread of the coronavirus and continue on a path toward ultimately defeating COVID-19.”

Georgia continues to be in the top 10 states with the highest confirmed COVID-19 cases.

As of press time on Tuesday, July 28, Georgia reported 2,890 new cases by noon, with 11 deaths and 47 hospitalizations. Georgia has reported more than 25,000 new cases in just one week’s time. As of Tuesday July 21, Georgia reported a total of 145,575 total confirmed cases since the pandemic begin. Today, Georgia reports a total of 170,843 confirmed cases.

 A total of 3,509 Georgians have died due to the coronavirus. Georgia has reported a total of 17,138 hospitalizations and 3,172 ICU admissions, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. Georgia has administered more than 1.4 million coronavirus test, which have yielded a 10.8 positivity rate. 

COVID-19 is a highly contagious and potentially lethal upper-respiratory coronavirus sweeping across the country and world. 

As of July 28, Georgia had the seventh highest number of coronavirus cases in the nation, only surpassed by New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois. 

Zero deaths have been confirmed in Morgan County due to the coronavirus, but 10 Morgan County citizens have been hospitalized after contracting the virus. 

Regionally, surrounding counties are also experiencing and uptick  

According to GDPH, Greene County reported 215 confirmed cases, 11 deaths and 23 hospitalizations. Putnam County reported 317 cases, 17 deaths, and 36 hospitalizations. Jasper County reported 112 confirmed cases, one death and 10 hospitalizations. Oconee County has 346 confirmed cases, with 15 deaths and 39 hospitalizations. Walton County reported 762 confirmed cases with 32 deaths and 90 hospitalizations. Newton County reported 1,386 confirmed cases, resulting in 24 deaths and 162 hospitalizations.  

Morgan County combined with surrounding counties’s cases total 3,295 confirmed coronavirus cases and 100 deaths. 

Updated guidance and information on COVID-19 can be found on the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website:

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