Man, woman arrested after road rage incident on 441

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


A Greene County woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and reckless driving and her alleged boyfriend was charged with reckless driving after the woman allegedly rammed her vehicle into the man’s vehicle several times during an early morning car chase that started in Greene County and ended near the Rainbow Convenience Store in Morgan County.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, a Madison Police Department officer at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 30 reported to dispatch that he was driving north on U.S. 441 when two vehicles, a black Mustang and a a blue Honda allegedly drove past the officer’s marked patrol car at more than 100 mph. Reports state that once past the patrol vehicle, the Mustang turned on its hazard lights.

The officer made a traffic stop on the blue Honda driven by Cierra Shanesa Porter, 35, Greensboro. A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy drove to the Rainbow Convenience Store where Henry Markel Dorsey waited while parked in the black Mustang. Dorsey told the officer that he had spent the night with a friend in Greensboro and when he went to work this morning his girlfriend Porter waited for him. Dorsey, reports state, said he was afraid for his life and he fled his workplace at a high rate of speed in the Mustang. Dorsey alleged that Porter gave chase and several times rammed his vehicle with the Honda while travellng on Greensboro Highway. Dorsey told deputies that when he turned north on U.S. 441 he was rammed again.

He said when he saw a marked police vehicle he passed the vehicle and turned on his emergency lights and drove to the convenience store after calling 911. Porter denied ramming the Mustang, reports state, but an officer noted black paint transfer on the front of the Honda with fresh scratch marks and other damage. Porter alleged that Dorsey had broken her driver’s side window and an officer noted there was glass in her vehicle. Porter was charged with reckless driving and aggravated assault. Dorsey was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

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