Drive–through Corona testing to be offered

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Last week, Georgia became the fifth state to hit over 200,000 coronavirus cases, with about 52 percent of coronavirus cases added in just the last month. As cases continue to rise, so does the need for more testing sites. Morgan County has teamed up with the Northeast Health District to operate a new testing site in Madison. 

For one week only, a mobile drive-through coronavirus testing site will operate out of the Morgan County Senior Center, located in Madison. From  Monday, Aug. 17 through Friday, Aug. 21, local citizens and people from surrounding areas will be able to get tested for the coronavirus in the comfort of their own vehicles. Testing hours will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Morgan County Emergency Management Agency teamed up the Northeast Health District to make testing site possible. 

“There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the coronavirus and a lot of people aren’t sure where they can get tested,” explained Gwen Ruark, director of Morgan County’s Emergency Management Agency. “This is a way for Morgan County to help those who feel they need to be tested. We want to give them the oppotunity to get tested close to home.”

To schedule an appointment to be tested at the new drive-thru site, call: (706) 340-0996. The Morgan County Senior Center is located at 991 South Main Street in Madison. Officials are asking all visitors to wear masks. 

As of press time on Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 3 p.m., Georgia reported 3,639 new cases, 137 deaths and 355 hospitalizations for the day, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH). A total of 222,588 coronavirus cases have been reported in Georgia since the pandemic began in March, with 4,351 Georgians dying due to coronavirus-related causes, 21,031 Georgian hospitalized with the coronavirus, and 3,832 Georgians admitted to the ICU with the coronavirus. To date, Morgan has a reported a total of 283 coronavirus cases, with 52 new cases added in the last week. Morgan County has reported 18 hospitalizations and zero deaths. 

Surrounding counties numbers are also on the rise. 

According to GDPH, Greene County reported 325 confirmed cases, 12 deaths and 40 hospitalizations. Putnam County reported 437 cases, 18 deaths, and 47 hospitalizations. Jasper County reported 168 confirmed cases, one death and 13 hospitalizations. Oconee County has 450 confirmed cases, with 15 deaths and 44 hospitalizations. Walton County reported 1,153 confirmed cases with 39 deaths and 126 hospitalizations. Newton County reported 1,865 confirmed cases, resulting in 40 deaths and 196 hospitalizations.  

Regionally, this brings the number of confirmed coronavirus cases to  4,699 and 125 deaths. 

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