Middle School opens season with Jamboree

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By R. Alan Richardson

Sports Editor 

The Morgan County Middle School volleyball team hosted five teams in its season-opening jamboree at Morgan County High School this past Saturday.  Coach Ashley Potter gave this report, “I’m thrilled that we were able to host the Jamboree.  Several teams had to pull out of the event, which is difficult, as the girls look forward to this pre-season chance to play teams in our region.  I’m so proud of both of our Morgan County squads.  The Black Squad of returning players began to really settle in and have fun.  They did such a great job playing as a team, supporting each other.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do this season.  The Red Squad, filled with new players, got to experience their first match play as a team.  They figured some things out and got to see what practice is building them for.”

This year’s team roster

Black Team:

4—Abby Dennard

8—Bella Howard

23—Camryn Scherer

10—Chapel Meeler

2—Chloe Burns

5—Haedyn Crumbly

13—Lily Jenkins

3—Pressley Rogers

11—Quinn Butler

25—Sadie Fiorenza

Red Team:

16—Allie Folk

9—Brynlee Burke

7—Gabby Massey

14—Hollis Boyer

22—Madison Holcomb

21—Mia Siso

6—Riley Mitchell

20—Ruthie Wells

12—Sara Jane Potter

#–Torianna Harris

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