Threats over kids noise lead to arrest

Staff Written Front Page, News

By Patrick Yost


An 81-year-old Madison man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly threatened a family at Cracker Barrel because of a crying child.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Joe Frank Jordan was arrested at his Apalachee Road residence after officers and Cracker Barrel employees identified Jordan and a truck he had driven to the restaurant.

Reports allege that at approximately 10 a.m. Jordan approached a man with two children at the restaurant. One of the children was crying, reports state. “Can your kids shut the hell up,” Jordan allegedly said to the children’s father. “Can you shut your (expletive) kids up.”

The complainant alleged that Jordan then reached his hand inside his right front pocket and said “I’ve got something for you.”

The father alleged that he observed a gun in Jordan’s right front pocket.

Reports state that the man and witnesses at Cracker Barrel said Jordan was wearing blue jeans, a dark blue shirt and suspenders. An employee had knowledge of Jordan’s residence, reports state, and officers drove to the residence where they observed a truck in the driveway matching the description of the truck that had left Cracker Barrel after the incident. 

At noon, officers approached the residence and spoke with Jordan and noted that he was wearing a dark blue shirt, jeans and suspenders. They also verified that he had a gun in his right front pocket. 

Reports state that Jordan denied using profanity at the restaurant, denied threatening the man in any way and denied showing the man his gun. He also, reports state, questioned authorities on why the complainant was not being arrested instead of him for causing a disturbance in the restaurant. Jordan was then transported to the Morgan County Detention Center where he was cited for disorderly conduct. The handgun was confiscated.

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