Community welcomes Dillon Lewis home after catastrophic crash

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By Trinity Martin

Staff Writer

After three years in rehabilitation centers and hospitals, 28-year-old Dillon Lewis is welcomed home. On July 9, 2017, Lewis was struck by a tractor-trailer on the US 441 bypass. He suffered severe internal injuries and has been recovering in hospitals and rehabilitation centers ever since.

To celebrate his homecoming, as well as his 28th birthday, a parade was thrown at the Madison Methodist Church on Friday.

“It was a wonderful night for all of us,” said Laurie Lewis, Dillon Lewis’s mother. 

Cars lined up around the church flaunting decorations and holding up signs that said things like  “Welcome Home,” or “Happy Birthday Dillon.” Lewis soaked in the joy and affection from a safe distance while wearing a mask to ensure his safety. 

“He loved all the gifts and balloons,” his mother said. 

An added joy was thrown in after a light sprinkle presented a rainbow in the sky right above the parade. “A rainbow appeared in the sky just as the parade started and many commented how it was a reminder of God’s promises,” she said. “He has been so faithful to tend our family during this storm. As folks rode by with Georgia T-shirts on and singing happy birthday as a family, I thanked God for them as I know we were never alone in our petitions for our son while he was broken. So many reassured us that their prayers would continue.” 

The family extended their gratitude to all those who helped and participated in the event. 

“We would like to say a big thank you to our church for letting us use their facility, to Margaret and Tim Ligon for the loan of their tent and the Morgan County Citizen for putting us in the paper,” said Laurie Lewis. “And to the Watkins family for all they did to put the night together. Their investment in our lives is priceless to us. Thanks to everyone that made Dillon feel so special and loved. Thanks also to John Bazemore who sent us some great photos of the night. Also, thanks to all of the folks who could not drive by but sent texts and messages for Dillon to wish him a Happy Birthday and Homecoming. My heart is full.”

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