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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Aug 30 a simple battery warrant was issued against Kerry Crowley, 38, Rutledge. According to reports, Crowley allegedly struck a woman twice in the mouth with a closed fist at a Williams Street, Rutledge residence. Reports state that Crowley and woman were allegedly arguing over cigarettes when he struck her. A man arrived at the residence and the woman allegedly told Crowley to leave. Crowley left with the second man, who then called Morgan County Dispatch and reported that he had driven Crowley to a Social Circle store and dropped him off.

On Aug. 30 Latavious Jaquan Elder, 18, Rutledge was arrested and charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, ATV on public roads, no proof insurance, driving without a license and operating a vehicle without registration. According to reports, a deputy was called to the Williams Street, Rutledge area regarding an ATV on a public road. Reports state the deputy observed a motorcycle approach the stop sign at the intersection of Fairplay Street and East Main Street. Reports allege that the deputy observed the motorcycle “pop a wheelie.” The deputy executed his emergency lights and the bike allegedly accelerated, failing to yield. A second deputy approached the bike swerved around the second deputy’s patrol vehicle. The bike continued through woods towards Rutledge Cemetery. Deputies drove to the cemetery and the bike and rider went back through the woods toward Playfair Park. A deputy followed the bike and rider to a Williams Street residence where the deputy allegedly observed Elder pushing the bike. The deputy demanded that Elder drop the bike and get on the ground. Elder’s grandmother also, reports state, yelled at Elder to drop the bike and get on the ground. The grandmother was also yelling at the deputy to not draw his service weapon. Elder complied and the deputy holstered his firearm.  Elder was then detained. 

On Aug. 30 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Court, Buckhead residence.  According to reports, a man said he and his son had engaged in a physical altercation. The argument centered around the 17-year-old son’s relationship with a teen and that at the teen’s parents did not know, recently, that the couple had gone to Atlanta. Reports state that the man confronted the son in his room and a fight ensued including the son’s mother grabbing a baseball bat from the floor so neither father nor son could strike each other. The fight continued down a hall and into a dining room table. The father had instructed the son to leave and had requested his cell phone, which, initially, the son was reluctant to give but later threw the phone in the room. During the fight, reports state, the son struck the father and, eventually, the father struck the son on the head with the bat while the mother still held the bat. The son told officers that his father wouldn’t let him leave the house with his belongings and grabbed him by the neck and he pushed him away and then struck him with the bat. The son received five staples to close the head wound and left to stay with a relative after receiving medical treatment.

On Aug. 30 an entering auto complaint was filed at Hard Labor Creek State Park, Knox Chapel Road. According to reports, a couple said someone entered their RV and removed two wallets. The wallets contained two credit cards, government stimulus cards and driver’s license. Reports state that someone attempted to use one of the credit cards at a Covington Home Depot but the card had been declined. The card was then used at a Home Depot in Conyers. The couple estimated that $750 had been taken from one credit card and $500 on a second card.

On Aug. 29 Timothy Brandon Shore, 23, was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, a woman at an East Dixie Highway residence alleged that when she asked Shore to help with two children in the house he allegedly jumped off the couch and “got in her face.” He then allegedly head butted the woman. A deputy observed a knot on the woman’s head the approximate size of a golf ball. The woman took the children and left the residence to go to a relative’s house. Shore was later arrested at the residence.

On Aug. 29 an information report was filed at a Baldwin Dairy Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, an “impaired” woman alleged that someone had taken three pieces of jewelry from the jewelry box but left other jewelry. She also alleged that her sons birth certificates were taken. A deputy spoke to the woman’s husband who said he did not believe the items had been taken but had been misplaced.

On Aug. 28 a lost/stolen prescription report was filed at an Athens Highway residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that 82 Ritalin pills she had recently been subscribed were missing. 

On Aug. 26 a criminal trespass notice was served to a Saffold Road man. According to reports, a man alleged that his neighbor was coming onto his property at various times during the day and night. The complainant said the night before he was asleep and heard someone on his porch. The complainant said he grabbed a hammer to use as a weapon and investigated the noise. The complainant said the man was laying on a pile of wood and looking at a flip phone. The complainant said he told the neighbor to go home and he went back inside. The neighbor was served with the notice the next day.

On Aug. 26 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Whispering Lake Trail residence. According to reports, a woman stated that when she arrived home she heard a neighbor cursing. The woman said she was accustomed to the neighbor getting intoxicated and yelling at others but, eventually, realized the man was yelling at her over the fence. Reports state that the man was enraged regarding the complainant’s outdoor lighting and its affect on his ability to view terrestrial objects. A deputy walked across the street and spoke to a second woman who said both her and her juvenile son had heard yelling and cursing and said it was a normal activity with the neighbor. She also alleged that on two consecutive nights the neighbor had come to her residence and rang the doorbell and knocked on her door in a harassing manner and for an extended period of time. The woman said she called other male residents of the neighborhood and they approached the man and warned him that if he did not leave the woman alone they would call law enforcement. Another man also called 911 and told dispatch that he was available for an interview to discuss the neighbor’s behavior. A deputy went to the man’s residence, knocked and acknowledged that he was a law enforcement officer. Reports state that music coming from the residence was turned down but no one came to the door. The deputy tried to contact the man the following day and again no one would come to the door. The deputy contacted Morgan County Dispatch and had them run a criminal history on the man. Previous convictions include, reports state, disorderly conduct, stalking, aggravated stalking, simple battery and DUI.

On Aug. 27 an injuring or tearing down mailboxes complaint was filed at a Grayson Pointe Drive residence. According to reports, a couple reported that several mailboxes in the subdivision had been destroyed. The couple reported that they had observed four teenage males in a all terrain vehicle enter the subdivision on Aug. 7, the day the mailboxes were damage. The couple said on Aug. 26 they observed the same males in the same all terrain vehicle enter the subdivision, stop and then speed away. Reports state that the couple then found another damaged mailbox. A deputy collected the mailbox, in part, because there were identifiable finger prints on the mailbox.

On Aug. 24 an information report was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, a woman reported that a tree limb had struck her house. Reports state that a deputy observed severe damage to the roof and water was leaking into a children’s room. Clothes, shoes, bed mattress, a television and toys were covered with wet insulation and water. Also a white Ford Explorer had damage to its hood, driver side mirror and driver side wheel fender from the tree damage. The woman said she had first alerted management regarding the tree in 2002 and had again contacted the company two weeks ago regarding the tree.

On Aug. 24 a fraud complaint was filed at a Bostwick Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she had received a phone call from someone claiming to be with “Judicial Service.” The complainant said the caller was demanding repayment of $1,600 she allegedly owed Capitol One Credit from charges in 2011. The complainant said she did not have a credit card in 2011. She was advised to contact credit bureaus to determine if her identity has been compromised.

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