COVID-19 cases eclipse 400 in Morgan County

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Morgan County is up to 440 reported coronavirus cases as of press time on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Morgan County has only reported two coronavirus-related deaths, but hospitalizations are on the rise, coming in at 32 total hospitalizations. 

Statewide, The Georgia Department of Public Health reported 1,595 new cases just on Tuesday, Sept. 8 by 3 p.m. The agency also reported 26 new deaths and 51 new hospitalizations for the day. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Georgia has reported at total of 285,350 cases, 6,070 deaths, 25,589 hospitalizations and 4,698 ICU admission. While case numbers remain high and confirmed cases are still raising, the overall infection rate has dropped by 22 percent in Georgia since late August, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Morgan County Schools are still conducting in-person classes while dealing with new positive cases and quarantining exposed students and faculty. As of Friday Sept. 4, another six students tested positive, nine more faculty members tested positive since The Citizen’s last update on Aug. 26. Another 48 students have been quarantined, along with nine staff members, due to coming into contact with those infected. 

Since school resumed in early August, a total of 198 students across all four schools have been sent home to quarantine

A total of 213 Morgan County students, across all four schools, have been sent home to quarantine after being exposed at school to COVID-19, the highly contagious coronavirus. Since school reopened on Aug. 6, a total of 27 students and 16 staff members have tested positive for coronavirus. 

According to school officials, everyone who has come into “close contact” with infected individuals have been sent home to quarantine for two weeks. Close contact is defined as coming within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes. 

Virtual learning programs are up and running for quarantined students to continue learning at home. 

The total enrollment for all four of Morgan County’s public school is 3,240 students. The school system employs 478 staff members. 

Regionally, cases are rising but the overall rate of infection is dropping across Georgia. 

According to the GDPH, According to GDPH, Greene County reported 476 confirmed cases, 21 deaths and 52 hospitalizations. Putnam County reported 644 cases, 21 deaths, and 65 hospitalizations. Jasper County reported 200 confirmed cases, four deaths and 20 hospitalizations. Oconee County has 632 confirmed cases, with 21 deaths and 55 hospitalizations. Walton County reported 1,613 confirmed cases with 48 deaths and 155 hospitalizations. Newton County reported 2,390 confirmed cases, resulting in 65 deaths and 239 hospitalizations. 

Combined with Morgan County’s cases, this brings the total regional number of confirmed coronavirus cases to  6,395 and 182 deaths. 

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