Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On Aug. 26 a simple assault complaint was filed at an Orchard Grove residence. According to reports, an officer responded to a complaint that a mother and daughter were fighting in the street. Reports state when the officer arrived he observed the daughter had a busted lip and bloody nose. The daughter said she and her mother had engaged in an argument at 10 p.m. after the daughter allegedly stole her brother’s tablet computer. The daughter said the mother took the tablet away and the daughter began packing to run away. She said she fled the house with her personal items and her mother allegedly chased her with a belt. Reports state that the daughter said when the mother caught up to her she struck her repeatedly with the belt. She said she was able to evade the mother and fled a second time but the mother caught her again and struck her more with the belt. The daughter said she then took the belt from the mother and struck her mother once. 

On Sept. 1 Judith Ann Knight, 68, Madison was arrested and charged with simple assault. According to reports, at 8 a.m. a man alleged that Knight had thrown a metal chair at him at a Second Street residence. Reports state that an officer observed a black metal chair laying in the grass upside down. The man said he came home from work and found Knight sitting on the front porch. He said Knight became upset when he refused to drive her to a local motel. The man alleged that Knight also punched his girlfriend in the eye. The man recorded the chair throwing incident on his camera, reports state. 

On Aug. 30 a missing person complaint was filed at a Fifth Street location. According to reports, a woman said at 2 a.m. she noticed her sister was sitting on the front porch and she advised her to come inside but the sister said she was waiting for a man to come and get her. The sister said the two argued and she worried about her sister’s mental health. She said the sister then left the house and walked to  a nearby church. The complainant said she followed and tried to convince her sister to return. She said she left the sister and walked back home to get her car. When she returned the sister was gone. She said she searched the neighborhood for her 84-year-old sister but did no locate her. At 5:15 a.m. a search dog was brought to the area but failed to track the woman’s scent. At 6 a.m. Morgan County Fire Department volunteers joined the search and searched the area until 7:30 a.m. Fire fighters were then dispatched to an emergency call at the Morgan County Courthouse, reports state. At the courthouse they located the woman sitting on a bench.

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