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Despite the Covid-19 crisis Morgan County High School fall sports are in full swing and as always our players and coaches are doing a great job.  Most importantly the kids are are out there doing what they love and that is a big deal after months of uncertainty.  Today we will just cast a look around to check out the news for some of these teams as well as take a look at a few topics of interest around the state in high school sports.

How Region 4AAA football playoff slots will be decided: In light of the possibility of region games being canceled Morgan County Athletic Director Doug Connelly reports that Region 4AAA has decided to count canceled games as forfeits.  This is only for playoff purposes.  From a historical standpoint the games will be counted as cancellations and not be counted in the overall won-loss record.

On ticket sales for Morgan County home football games: On this front Connelly noted that ticket sales will be extremely limited.  The families of participants, that is to say players, coaches, cheerleaders and band members will get first dibs.  After that if there are any left they will go on sale to the general public – perhaps on the Thursday before home games.

Don’t look now but the MCHS volleyball team is ranked 3rd in the state: Morgan County’s volleyball program is taking off.  They made the Sweet Sixteen in 2019-20 and were in the Elite Eight in 2018-19.  At present the girls are ranked 3rd in Class AAA and have posted a record of 25-3.  The team is coached by Kathleen Goodwin (head coach), Jamie Williams (JV) and Paige Hilsman (Assistant coach).

Girls softball team is fighting for a region title:  As of September 15th the girls were 11-6 overall and 6-1 in region play.  They recently defeated 5th ranked Harlem to forge into first place.  The head coach is Jason McBay and he is assisted by Duane Turner, Timothy Roop and Caroline Sandhagen.

Football cancellations galore: Predictably there have been plenty of cancellations around the state.  Most recently Pelham and Early County shut their programs down until October.  The reason – one that I talked about in last week’s column.  Pelham had a positive test right after they played Early County and thus both teams have had to stop practice and play for at least two weeks. Other teams that have had recent cancellations include Perry, Pike County, Morrow, St. Pius and Blessed Trinity.  On the other side of the ledger Dougherty County (Westover, Monroe and Dougherty High School’s) got the green light to resume practice and will play games beginning in October.  Dougherty County was one of the first to delay their fall sports seasons back in August.

GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines on some topics of interest: Hines talked with the Georgia High School Football newsletter this week and noted the following things: 1) Once the season reaches the playoffs teams that have to cancel will be considered forfeits because the playoffs have to go on.  There is no room to reschedule.  2) If a region cannot fill its four playoff spots those empty slots will be considered byes for the teams they would have been slated to play. No at-large teams would be selected to fill those voids.  3) Regarding recent news on a couple of high-profile transfers being refused eligibility Hines noted that the transfer rule is clear.  Transfers must make bona fide moves into their new school zones.  He also noted that he simply enforces the rules that are made by the association which is made up of 470 schools. What Hines did not say is that the subject of transfers has been a hot topic in recent years because of the number of high-profile players making questionable moves that were approved.

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