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On Sept. 19 Edward King, 37, Braselton was arrested and charged with interference with a business, public drunkeness and disorderly conduct. According to reports, an officer was dispatched to the Super 8 Motel, Eatonton Road at 11:15 p.m. Reports state that a motel employee alleged that King came cursing to the front desk and pulled wire from the back of computers. He then allegedly threw papers from the counter to the floor and picked up a computer mouse and slapped the employee in the face with the mouse. The officer went to King’s room and, reports state, when the officer confronted King regarding his behavior King cursed the officer. The officer instructed King that he was being arrested and while the officer was applying handcuffs, King reached for one of the officer’s hands and was taken to the ground and detained. 

On Sept. 18 an information report was filed at a Green Meadow Drive residence. According to reports, A Department of Family and Children Services employee reported that a 63-year-old man was living in “poor conditions.” Reports state that the man’s house had no heating or cooling and possibly had not electricity. Reports state that the house is infested with bugs and there are holes in the house’s floors. The elderly resident uses a walker and has an injury to his foot, reports state.

On Sept. 15 a simple assault complaint was filed at Main Street Pantry, South Main Street. According to reports, an employee with Main Street Pantry and a woman allegedly had an altercation outside the store. The officer observed the store’s video surveillance and observed the employee speaking with the woman while she was in the store. The employee then walked out with the woman and the two continued to “have a civil conversation” as they walked north from the store. The woman walks off camera, reports state, and then “aggressively” comes at the employee at which time “both parties were inches from each other.” The employee pushed the woman away and the two continued to yell at each other until they were separated by others.

On Sept. 13 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Coach and Buggy Carwash, Madison Medical Associates and Classic Collision Center, all located next to each other on Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman reported observing a black male in a yellow shirt running from the area’s mailboxes with “arms full of mail.” The woman said the man jumped into a blue four-door sedan with possibly New York tags and fled. 

On Sept. 14 an information report was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a man reported that between 6:30 a.m. when he left the residence and 11 a.m. when he returned someone had taken his black GMC Yukon Denali XL valued at $71,216. The man also reported that his wife and four children (7-years-old; 5-years-old, 3-years-old and 6-months-old) were also missing. The man said he was unable to make contact with his wife via phone and that he had “no reason to believe his wife would have left.” He also said the house did not appear to be disturbed and that the only thing missing were computers that his children used to do school work. The man made contact with OnStar which reported that the vehicle was located at a Holiday Inn Express in Augusta. Augusta police were able to located the vehicle but did not make contact with the man’s wife or his children. The man then went to Augusta and retrieved his vehicle. The following day the man returned to the Madison Police Department to report that his wife had withdrawn $25,000 from the couple’s joint bank account on Sept. 14. 

He also said when he retrieved the vehicle there were no child seats in the Yukon. On Sept. 16 a Madison Police Department officer noted that the Yukon had been placed on the Georgia Criminal Information Center (GCIC) by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. 

The officer contacted the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and was told by an investigator that the man’s wife had reported the Yukon as stolen. The investigator was told that the complainant was in possession of the vehicle and the vehicle was removed from GCIC. 

Later that day, an officer made contact with the wife who told the officer that both she and her children were safe and that she wanted no contact with the complainant.

On Sept. 11 a battery complaint was filed at Love’s Travel Center, Monticello Road. According to reports, an officer was dispatched to the travel center in regards to a man grabbing a woman’s purse. When the officer arrived he observed a man and woman walking towards the interstate, with the man walking approximately 100 feet behind the woman. The man was detained and handcuffed based on the initial report. 

The man alleged that he and the woman were traveling with his mother when the woman “suddenly became irate” with the man’s mother and demanded to be let out of the car to walk home. 

The man said he exited the vehicle with the woman and was attempting to dissuade her from trying to walk home by holding her purse. The woman was also questioned and reported a similar story but did admit to biting the man on the wrist in an attempt to get him to release his grip on the purse. The man returned to his mother and the woman was transported to the travel center to wait for a ride from friends.

On Sept. 14 a cruelty to animals complaint was filed at the Madison Police Department, North Main Street

According to reports, a woman alleged that a man came into Countryside car dealership, Eatonton Road and left a Pitbull dog in his car. The complainant then alleged that the man threatened to kill the dog after the dog allegedly defecated in the man’s vehicle. The man then allegedly punched the dog with a closed fist.

On Sept. 8 an information report was filed at a Whitehall Street residence. 

According to reports, a woman reported that a tractor trailer truck had pulled down a cable/internet line from her house and that the wire pulled vinyl siding from the side of her house. A neighbor also reported that her Spectrum junction box had been pulled from the side of her residence. An officer located the truck and driver who told the officer that GPS had routed her through the neighborhood by error. The driver reported the damages to a company safety advisor.

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