Movies come back to Madison

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Y’allywood returns to Madison this week with a film production setting up shop at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center. The coronavirus pandemic has slammed the brakes on most entertainment projects in 2020, but the film industry is slowly tapping the accelerator, ramping up movie and television productions in Georgia once again. 

The latest film project to come through Madison comes from Storyteller Studios, of Newnan, Ga., called Forgotten. The production crew has set up camp at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center and the movie is filming at the old hospital in Madison from Sept. 23-25. More scenes will be filmed in early October. 

Forgotten is described by the company as “a mystery drama about a man who loses his memory after an accident, but with the help of a 911 operator is able to get his memory back.”

The company has not released the names of the cast or on which platforms the movie will air once completed. 

According to City Manager David Nunn, the project will not inconvenience local residents or businesses.

“This project has a pretty small footprint,” said Nunn. “They aren’t blocking off any roads or filming in front of any businesses. Life should go on as usual for our citizens.”

Nunn noted that Madison, along with the rest of Georgia and the country, has gone through a dry spell with filming projects coming to town. 

“We had a break for awhile,” said Nunn. “They do tend to come in waves and we are covered up for a while and then we are not for a while. With COVID going on, we have not had any projects come through in a long time, but we now we are starting to see the interest again.”

In recent years, Georgia has become a hotspot for Hollywood movies and television series, bringing in billions of dollars in economic impact for the state each year. Over the summer, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced the return of the film industry this Fall as a way to jumpstart the economy after the massive downturn the coronavirus pandemic has wrought. Before COVID, the film industry created nearly $10 billion a year in economic impact for the State of Georgia. 

According to a statement by Gov. Brian Kemp, an estimated 40,000 production workers will find jobs at 75 projects, which are expected to start filming over the next 18 months.

“Production companies want to be in Georgia and create tens of thousands of jobs for workers across the state, and today’s announcement is welcome news as we continue safely reopening our state,”  Governor Kemp said in June. “I thank the Georgia Film Office for their work during the pandemic, and I thank the production companies who always vowed to return to Georgia when the time was right for them to safely get back to work.”

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