A Home on the Horizon

Staff Written Special

By Tia Lynn Ivey

Staff Writer

Five years ago, Cadence Fox was diagnosed with cancer and given just six months to live. Today, she’s 13 years old, cancer-free and will soon be moving into a new home with her family, thanks to the relentless efforts of the “Be The Change” foundation, started by photographer Brandy Angel, formerly of Morgan County. 

“Cadence is stable, there is no evidence of the cancer left, but she still has some challenges from the tumors,” explained Tara Fox, Cadence’s mother. 

While Cadence has been in remission for years, she is still living with complications and side-effects from the cancer and treatment, especially with inflammation and pain in her legs. Tara Fox said she takes Cadence every three months to meet with a team of doctors to be evaluated and does physical therapy twice a week. “But she just started high school, is on the JV Cheerleading Squad, and is excited about her life right now.”

“Cadence is a walking miracle, a warrior, a hero, a survivor, an all around incredible human and now she will be a home owner in a world that would have never let that happen because of medical debt,” said Angel. 

After years of financial struggles from medical debt and caring for Cadence, Angel’s foundation has a large chunk of money to start building the Fox Family a forever home in Eatonton. Ga.

“For the past three years our little foundation of five working mothers has seen the amazing things our friends, family and community are capable of,” said Angel.  “This week, Cadence Fox rang the bell to celebrate five years of being cancer free. Five years ago she was given six months to live but she beats all the odds.”

In 2015, Cadence was diagnosed with two Germinoma brain tumors. Today, not only is the Fox Family celebrating Cadence’s restored health, but they are celebrating a new house on the horizon. 

“To add to the celebration our foundation was finally able to sign over the deed to the land to the Trust set up for Cadence and the Fox Family Home Build. We also were able to hand her a $40,000 check to begin the construction of her new home,” said Angel. “It may have taken us three years to get here but with the help of the amazing people in our community we were able to raise nearly $60,000 for the Fox Family Home Build. We are so grateful for the support given to us to reach this goal. Cadence will have a secure, safe home because of each one of you. We hope you realize that your kindness truly changed the life of an entire family. We have seen an endless amount of good in the people we have met along this journey and it has filled us with so much hope for the future.”

The Fox Family accepted the Be The Change Foundation check in early September, a huge milestone in the ongoing effort to build their new home. 

“We are so extremely grateful for all the generosity people have shown us over the years. Everyone as been absolutely amazing to us,” said Tara Fox. “We are hoping to begin construction before the end of the year, we are just trying to get all of our ducks in a row.”

According to Tara Fox, the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the process of moving forward with the home build, and the family is still trying to raise funds to complete the entire homebuilt project. 

“We are still trying to raise money. Right now we have money for the labor, but we need help with housing materials. We would love if people could make actual donations of resources or time, like wood, if if someone is a window installer, or a roofer, or something like that,” said Tara Fox. “But we are going to start using Cadence’s GoFundMe page again to accept donations as we try to raise more funds.”

To donate to the Fox Family, visit Cadence’s Journey at: https://gf.me/u/yx938c.

Angel hopes people can be inspired by the Fox Family and how far Cadence has come since her diagnosis in 2015. 

“With everything going on in the world right now it can be difficult to see the good things and the good people that are still out there. It’s can be hard to have hope and believe in miracles when all you see is one disaster after another,” said Angel. “However, I know the good is out there. I have seen the proof that our community is full of good, loving, generous people. The world needs a lot more of that right now, so we truly hope sharing our story will do just that. Give you hope. We hope you will be inspired by the strength, perseverance & determination in Cadence, just like we are. She will forever inspire us to accomplish what seems impossible. You have to be the change you wish to see in the world and we will continue to be that, even if it’s against all odds.”

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