County touts low COVID case count

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Morgan County officials touted the downward trend of coronavirus cases at Tuesday’s regular meeting. 

“We are at a low spot right now,” said Adam Mestres, county manager. “We are still in the middle of a pandemic, but Georgia’s cases have been slowly decreasing over time, and we are seeing the same kind of decrease here in Morgan County.”

Newly reported coronavirus cases have slowed down in recent weeks. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH), as of press time on Tuesday, Oct. 6, Morgan County reported a total 491 coronavirus cases, three deaths and 38 hospitalizations. 

There was a total of 16 new cases in the last two weeks, with only one new case reported Monday, Oct. 5 and another new case reported Tuesday, Oct. 6. 

Mestres cited statistics from the Georgia Department of Public Health, noting that Morgan’s current case count is lower than it was back in April. 

“In the last two weeks we have had 15 new cases,” said Mestres. “Since the pandemic began, we have had 490 cumulative cases. Our numbers are starting to drop and hopefully they will level out all across the state.”

Commissioner Andy Ainslie praised the Morgan County School System for pressing ahead with reopening schools. 

“I am so proud of our community,” said Ainslie. “We have made it through one-fourth of the school year.”

“Our school numbers are good. Their cases numbers are low in light of the large amounts of students who came back,” added Mestres. 

As of Tuesday, Oct. 6, Georgia reported 979 new coronavirus cases for the day, 39 deaths and 167 hospitalizations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Georgia has reported a total of 324,650 coronavirus cases, 7,229 deaths, 29,154 hospitalizations, and 5,405 ICU admissions. 

Regionally cases are slowing but still growing. According to GDPH, Greene County reported 521 confirmed cases, 24 deaths and 58 hospitalizations. Putnam County reported 722 cases, 25 deaths, and 69 hospitalizations. Jasper County reported 228 confirmed cases, four deaths and 22 hospitalizations. Oconee County has 777 confirmed cases, with 26 deaths and 64 hospitalizations. Walton County reported 1,883 confirmed cases with 57 deaths and 192 hospitalizations. Newton County reported 2,647 confirmed cases, resulting in 92 deaths and 277 hospitalizations. 

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