More than $12 million in real estate sold

Staff Written Real Estate

By Dianne Lively Yost


Sept. 4, 2020

• Alex and Mary F. Pickles of Madison to Edward T. Klest of Buckhead, 1391 Oconee Road, Buckhead, $291,000.

• Melvin J. Duvall of Greensboro, Ga. to Paula Bonner of Buckhead, 1071 Lakeshore Drive, Buckhead, $437,900.

• Rodney S. Dodd of Madison to Levity Farms, LLC of Marietta, Indian Creek Road, 047 066 B, 10 acres, Madison, $134,900.

• Rivers End, LLC of Geneva, Ill. to Michael Wayne Hodnett of Madison, 1120 Apalachee Meadows Drive, 11.02 acres, Madison, $112,200.

• Byron Shupp of Cisco, Texas to Cody Ariola of Bishop, 1010 Lakewood Court, 1.02 acres, Madison, $78,000.

Sept. 8, 2020

• Robert G. Massey of Madison to Zachary S. Escoe of Madison, 366 Park Street, Madison, $188,000.

• Homebuilt, Inc. of Atlanta to Edward L. Karpinski of Madison, 651 Foster Park Lane, Madison, $483,482.

• Thein DUC  BUI of Statham, Ga. to Than Anh Vo of Bishop, 2461 High Schoals Road, 136.596 acres, Bishop, $4,300,000.

• Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC of Coral Gables, Fla. to Timothy G. Mansour of Rutledge, 5750 Atlanta Highway, Rutledge, $167,999.

Sept. 9, 2020

• Michael C. Montgomery of Eatonton, Ga. to Franz Geppert of Social Circle, Ga., Dixie Highway, 5 acres, Madison, $117,900.

• Cathey Holdings, Inc, of Madison to Philip A. Delvin of Madison, 3617 Spears Road, 5 acres, Madison, $512,715.

Sept. 10, 2020

• Ronald M. Erwin of Madison to Youngblood Construction Group, LLC of Madison, 1050 Holland Springs Road, 7. 37 acres, Madison, $77,000.

Sept, 11, 2020

• Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Madison to William E. McMillen of Atlanta, 2652 Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $369,900.

• RBC Homes, LLC of Madison to Michael A. Benton of Madison, 1401 Morris Road, 3.09 acres, Madison, $299,000.

• Algin Properties, LLC of Good Hope, Ga. to Justu Properties, LLC of Good Hope, Ga., 1651 Margendollar Road, Good Hope, $985,000.

• Ryan Terry of Madison to Joseph Rotyliano of Madison, 1021 Creekwood Circle, 0.179 acres, Madison, $275,000.

Sept. 14, 2020

• Ronald M. Erwin of Madison to K&H Homes, Inc. of Atlanta, 1030 Holland Road, 7.37 acres, Madison, $77,000.

• S.T.W. & Associates Partnershiop of Madison to Eddie Wyatt of Madison, 299 & 205 N. Second Street, Madison, $125,000.

Sept. 15, 2020

• J&J Veranda Park, LLC of Madison to Robin Wheaton Couch of Madison, 1420 Veranda Park Drive, 0.25 acre, Madison, $50,000.

• Judy G. Stone and David Wayne Stone of Statham, Ga. to Marley E. Cartretee of Statham, Ga., High Shoals Road, Bishop, $75,000.

• Donald J. Turano, Jr. of Canton, Ga. to John I. Barnes, III of McDonough, Ga., 1051 Apalachee Meadows Drive, 6.54 acres, Madison, $75,000.

Sept. 16, 2020

• SBP Capital, LLC of Madison to Robin L. Wilson of Loganville, Ga., Lower Apalachee Road, 10 acres, Madison, $125,000. 

• Estate of Olivia Chester Bennett of Madison to SOWHATCHET FARMS, LLC of Athens, Ga., 79.56 acres, Madison, $451,403.

• Latonja Threets Hamp of Covington, Ga. to Maurice J. Bennett of Buckhead, Buckhead, $70,000.

• Kelly V. Strawn of Williamson, Ga. to Lindsay Marie Wilson of Mansfield, 1201 Sewell Lane, 9.76 acres, Mansfield, $512,000.

• Linda C. McGraw of Madison to Donald J. Brinkman of Madison, 731 Markhams Drive, 0.22 acre, Madison, $369,000.

Sept. 17, 2020

• Robert P. Jarvis and Gail C. Flake of Rutledge to Phillip McAbee of Los Angeles, Calif., Keencheefoonee Road, 9.48 acres, Rutledge, $132,000.

• Charles B. Blair, II of Madison to HECS, LLC of Conyers, Ga., 5401 Eatonton Highway, Madison, $732,500.

Sept. 18, 2020

• Stephen D. Dunning and Kimberly Y. Dunning of Social Circle, Ga. to Michael John Andrechak and Ana A. P. Eisenman of Atlanta, 1891 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead , $618,900.

• J&J 1561 Madison, LLC of Madison to Stanton Designs, Inc. of Atlanta, 1561 Eatonton Road, 0.78 acre, Madison, $525,000.

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