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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Oct. 3 a burglary complaint was filed at an Eatonton Road residence. According to reports, a woman said that when she and a moving crew were at the residence she noticed that approximately 30 guns had been removed from a gun safe. The complainant said his sister had unlocked the gun safe the day prior so it could be moved. The only other person at the residence during that time, she said, was a painter.

On Oct. 3 an information report was filed at a Bostwick Highway residence.  According to reports, a woman said her ex-boyfriend had recently been released from prison. The complainant said she observed the ex-boyfriend’s vehicle pass by her residence at 12:30 p.m. The vehicle was described as a four-wheel drive Chevy with a Confederate flat tag. The woman said prior to the man’s release from prison she took his personal items from her residence and placed them in a storage facility and communicated to the man that he was no longer allowed on her property.

On Oct. 2 a threats complaint was filed at a Clack Road residence.  According to reports, a man said that he had hired a second man to construct a metal building on his property. The complainant said the building had several defects and he tried to get the builder to fix the errors but the builder refused. The complainant said after he left a negative post on Facebook regarding the builder’s abilities the builder called him five times between 10:16 a.m. and 10:29 a.m. and when the complainant did answer the phone he put it on speaker. The builder, the complainant and a second man listening to the conversation, allegedly threatened the complainant with physical violence if and when the two ever meet in public. A warrant will be filed against the builder for his arrest.

On Oct. 1 Bobby Shane Strange, 42, Rutledge was arrested and charged with possession and use of drug related items. During a probation violation search at Strange’s Centennial Road residence. Consequent to the execution of a search warrant, reports state, a suspected methamphetamine pipe was located inside a black Mercedes on the property.

On Oct. 1 a suspicious activity report was field at an Estes Road residence.  According to reports, a woman said she believed someone had tampered with agate lock. The woman said she found a half-smoked cigarette on a rock near the gate.

On Sept. 30 Leon Lee Smith, 61, Rutledge was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  According to reports, deputies were called to a disturbance complaint at a Centennial Road residence. Reports state that initially when deputies arrived the family members had all gone to bed. However, as a deputy was leaving he reported hearing loud, crashing noises coming from the back yard and observed objects flying through the air. He allegedly observed Smith with a bat striking items on a patio. The deputy said he shined his flashlight at Smith and Smith allegedly mistook the deputy for a juvenile that lives in the house. Smith allegedly yelled  at the silent deputy holding the light “Who is that? I know who that is! You wait until your daddy gets here. He thinks he called big and bad. I’m going to show him. The deputy said he then approached Smith and identified himself. “Oh, you’re the law,” Smith allegedly said before he was arrested and charged.

On Sept. 30 a recovered stolen vehicle report was filed at an Eatonton Road residence.  According to reports, a deputy responding to a livestock on the loose complaint was searching for loose cattle and observed a gold Equinox in the front yard of an Eatonton Road residence surrounded by grazing cattle. The deputy ran the license tag of the vehicle and the vehicle came back as stolen. A man at the residence said the vehicle belonged to his estranged wife and that, earlier, she had attempted to run him over with the vehicle. The man said he attempted to return the vehicle but that his estranged wife demanded he detail the vehicle before she would accept the Equinox. The man said he estranged wife had recently been released from incarceration and that he had given the keys to the vehicle to one of the couple’s children. The vehicle was towed to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office impound lot.

On Sept. 29 Ashlyn Nicole Thompson, 19, Rutledge was arrested and charged with simple battery.  According to reports, a deputy arrived at a Centennial Road residence where  a woman alleged that Thomson had struck her and scratched her face. The complainant said the altercation began when she and Thompson argued after Thompson alleged someone had been sleeping in her bed. A deputy noted that the complainant also had what appeared to be dog bite wounds on each of her forearm and the woman told the deputy that a dog had bitten her on that day and in days past. On Sept. 28 a burglary complaint was filed at a Swords Trail, Buckhead residence.  According to reports, a woman said someone had broken into her residence and removed a handgun. The woman said the handgun is either a . 38 revolver or a .357 Magnum. The woman said the weapon was on her dresser and she noticed it missing at 2 a.m. 

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