Morgan Medical Center is Pinking Out

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Staff Writer

Breast cancer affects over 300,000 people each year in America. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, as health professionals, patients, survivors and loved ones aim to educate the public about the disease. Morgan County’s very own local hospital, the Morgan Medical Center (MMC), plays an active role each and every year to raise awareness as well as  screen women, and even some men, to catch breast cancer as early as possible. The hospital purchased the latest in cutting edge technology to quickly and safety detect any trace of breast cancer. 

“MMC offers weekend mammogram appointments on the first Saturday of every month to help accommodate individuals needing appointments outside of regular working hours,” said Megan Morris, director of communication and public relations for Morgan Medical Center.  “MMC currently performs approximately 1,100 mammograms each year.  This number continues to increase.”

The new hospital now features a state-of-the-art imaging center specifically designed to serve patients screening for breast cancer. 

“Morgan Medical serves women in the detection of breast cancer through our Wibell Women’s Imaging Center.  We offer the latest detection methods including 3D Mammography and Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsies,” said Megan Morris, director of communication and public relations for the Morgan Medical Center. “All diagnostic mammograms are done while the radiologist is on-site in order to eliminate the need to call patients back for additional images.  This speeds up results for patients and also helps to alleviate anxiety associated with waiting.”

The new center was a special feature added to the new hospital which opened at the end of 2018.   

“When we opened in the new hospital a private area just for women, the Wibell Women’s Imaging Center, was made possible by a generous donation from Karen and Peter Wibell in honor of their daughters, Katharine and Sarah,” said Morris. 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the hospital is offering free mammograms to  those without insurance and giving each patient who received a mammogram a complimentary gift. 

“All individuals having their mammogram done at MMC during the month of October will receive a special gift – a locally-crafted mask custom-designed for us by Jenea Windham of Pinkie Pearl Co. using popular Lilly Pulitzer fabric,” announced Morris. “MMC has again partnered with our radiologist’s group to offer free mammograms during October for individuals without insurance.  Individuals interested in the opportunity should contact their local primary care provider for a referral.”  

Hospital staff will also host a special “Pink Out” event at the upcoming Morgan County High School football game on Friday, Oct. 16.  To show your support, you can purchase Pink Out shirts in advance at the hospital. Both long-sleeve and short-sleeve designs are available. To reserve your shirt, call the hospital’s imaging department at (706) 752-2210. 

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