Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Oct. 28, a verbal dispute between brothers on Centennial Road in Rutledge led to a heated police intervention without arrests. When the county deputy arrived at the scene, he witnessed a male subject arguing and using obscene language. According to reports, the man claimed his brother hit him in the head with an object and then went to his room. The officers called to the brother inside his room asking him to come out calmly. The allegedly refused to stop using expletives and obscene language and also refused the deputy’s multiple requests to come out of his room. The second man finally emerged and allegedly entered “in a more irate and aggressive manner” saying to the deputy that “he had something for” him. According to the reports, the deputy unholstered his firearm due to the threatening and aggressive manner of the man.  The deputy reported the man did not have a weapon and deescalated the situation. Both parties were advised to separate and mediate the dispute which was over a civil matter, stated reports. 

On Oct. 29, Kenneth Leroy Walker, 55, of Warrenville, Sc., was arrested and charged with an open container violation, after being found stumbling on the side of I-20 outside of his Silver Kia parked in a ditch. A witness reported seeing Walker slumped over the steering wheel with a can of 25 ounce can of Natty Daddy, an 8 percent alcoholic beverage. According to reports, the county deputy dispatched to the scene found a “cold to the touch” can of Natty Daddy outside the passenger side of  the vehicle. Walker claimed he hadn’t been driving and asked the officer for a hug. Walker was arrested and transported to the Morgan County Detention Center for booking.  According to the officer, Walker used “derogatory language excessively” on the way to the jail, but was detained without incident. 

On Nov. 1, Derrick Antonio Johnson, 42 of Madison, was arrested and charged with reckless driving, a DUI, and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer. Morgan County deputies received several calls that afternoon reporting a vehicle on GA 402 driving recklessly. County deputies engaged in a short pursuit before stopping and detaining Johnson. Johnson was driving a black Dodge Charger swerving between lanes while traveling at high speeds, according to reports. According to reports, once a county deputy attempted to pull the vehicle over, Johnson slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision with a tractor trailer before veering into the opposite lane to speed off from police.  The chase got up to speeds of 110 miles per hour, according to reports. The chase only lasted for a mile-and-a-half before Johnson came to a controlled stop. Reports allege Johnson had glassy eyes and spilled alcohol all over himself at the time of the arrest. allegedly had trouble following officers directions. When asked why he was speeding and driving recklessly by the deputy, reports state that Mr. Johnson said “he was trying to get home because he ‘got the boo boos,’ and then clarified he had diarrhea. Another driver pulled over and approached the county deputy to report that Johnson allegedly had struck his vehicle while driving recklessly. Another driver came forward with a dash cam video allegedly showing Johnson side swiping a tractor trailer before the police chase ensued. Both incidents were handled separately and Johnson was transferred to jail without incident. 

On Nov. 2, a burglary at a residence on Mallard Ridge Road in Madison was reported to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. The victim reported a new $100 chainsaw given to him as Christmas present missing and believed someone broke into the house while the family was out of town that week. According to reports, the victim was convinced a young male and female couple he sees regularly walking the neighborhood were the culprits. According to the report, a friend of the victim witnessed the couple sitting on the victim’s front porch but ran off when approached. According to the report, the victim threatened to use his gun to shoot trespassers on his property in the future. The deputy informed the victim of use of force laws and encouraged him instead to call 911. 

On Nov. 5, a Madison woman filed a criminal trespass complaint at a residence on Confederate Road against a Covington man. The complainant alleged that her ex-boyfriend, against whom she had a protective order in the past, had been trying to force himself back into her life since his release from jail 10 weeks ago. She suspected damage found  at her home was done by him, she told police. According to reports, she noticed damage to her front door, back screen door, and her American flag. She stated the American flag in her front yard had been cut multiple times. The latch on her front door was bent and there were dark markings outside the door from someone attempting to get inside. The back screen door had been cut and the chain lock was broken.  Police are investigating the matter. 

On Thursday, Nov. 5, Thelma Mae Releford, 75, of Buckhead was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly harassing and threatening relatives with a handgun. Four witnesses said Releford came to the Baldwin Dairy residence in Buckhead and threatened all her relatives at the property. Witnesses told police that Releford had driven up and down Baldwin Dairy Road repeatedly, stopping at the property and getting out of her vehicle multiple times before finally waking up to the property threatening her relatives. After she allegedly yelled and cursed, she allegedly pulled out a “black object” and began waving it around. The witnesses told police they believed it to be a handgun. One of the relatives grabbed a garden hoe and charged at Releford, causing Releford to flee to her car and drive off. When a county deputy caught up with her just arriving home with groceries, she allegedly changed her story several times before finally admitting to being at the Baldwin Dairy property. Releford claimed her relatives were stealing from her and trashing her house. According to reports, Releford refused to answer police questions, but allegedly admitted to the altercation. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and allegedly physically resisted arrest, requiring officers to restrain her while placing handcuffs on her before finally being detained and transported to jail. Releford asked the officers to store her perishable groceries in the refrigerator and lock up her house. Officers obliged her request.

On Nov. 7, a Madison woman reported $600 worth of damage done to her car, believing it was caused by her ex-boyfriend. She reported several dents in the car, a flat tire, and a slashed tire. According to reports, the damage came just hours after she broke up with boyfriend. The woman allegedly called her ex-boyfriend to confront him and he allegedly said “if you put me in jail I will never talk to you again,” she told police. 

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