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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Nov. 9, a missing person report was filed for Kayla Frazee, 29, of Rutledge. According to reports, Debra Frazee stated she hasn’t heard from her daughter since Oct. 28 when she allowed Kayla to drive her vehicle to north Georgia. She alleges that Kayla last made contact with the family on Nov. 6, telling her brother she was in Athens and needed money. No contact has been made since that interaction, according to reports. Kayla is described as being a white female with yellowish blonde hair, approximately 5’6” and 160 pounds. Kayla Frazee has been placed onto the Georgia Crime Information Center as missing.

On Nov. 9, a suspicious activity report was filed at a Godfrey Road residence. According to reports, the complainant noticed the smell of propane gas while smoking a cigarette on her front porch. She alleges the gas line on the grill was on and the dial on the grill was on high with the propane tank seal open, allowing gas to flow out of the grill into the area where she was smoking. She alleges her husband always turns off the gas when he’s done grilling and mentioned to deputies that he had an affair in 2018 and believes her husband is currently seeing the woman again, according to reports. 

On Nov. 9, Davonte Carter, 24, of Madison was arrested and charged with simple battery, obstruction and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. According to reports, Carter became violent with his ex-girlfriend, prompting her to call 911. The complainant stated that in the process of taking her phone, Carter placed his hand around her neck and grabbed her by the arms. Once deputies arrived, Carter refused to exit the home, stating he wasn’t going to jail this close to his birthday. Carter was arrested and a search of the complainant’s vehicle revealed a .308 caliber rifle that was placed into evidence.

On Nov. 9, a Buckhead woman reported her jewelry stolen, worth a total amount of $1,100. According to reports, she discovered that two of her jewelry boxes had been opened and the jewelry had been taken later in the afternoon after she had gotten home.  These two jewelry boxes were small and wooden and were in separate rooms of the house.  The doors on both boxes were left open.  Not all the jewelry was taken from the boxes. She was only able to describe six of the items that were missing and those items are as follows: four stud diamond earrings valued at approximately $400, a diamond three tier necklace, valued at approximately $300 and a gold bracelet valued at approximately $400.

On Nov. 12, a warrant was issued to Raymond Coats, 53, for failure to register as a sex offender. According to reports, a residence check of registered sex offenders in Morgan County was conducted as part of a statewide initiative called “Operation Watchful Eye V.” During this operation, a residency check for Coats was conducted at his registered address on Cook Hill Road in Madison. Deputies were advised that he not longer lives at this address and moved to Athens about a year ago to his mother’s house. The address on his driver’s license that was issued on Nov. 4 listed a Winterville Road address in Athens. Reports state there has been no contact with Coats since his annual registration that took place on April 14. While obtaining the warrant for failure to register as a sex offender, reports state that Coats called the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and stated the Athens address was his wife’s address. Deputies advised Coats to turn himself in to the Morgan County Detention Center. 

On Nov. 12, a family violence incident report was filed in reference to a domestic dispute at a Centennial Road residence in Rutledge that led to two arrests. According to reports, Kimberly Pugh called 911 to report a dispute with Timothy Pugh over a vehicle that had escalated into violence with Kimberly alleging she had been hit three times. Timothy alleges she retrieved a shotgun from the bedroom and loaded it with buck shot in an attempt to scare Timothy into calling 911. He stated she lowered the loaded weapon and pointed it at his general direction and he then pushed her down with the shotgun in his hands and she fell to the ground, hitting her head. Timothy was arrested for simple battery family violence. Kimberly was arrested for simple assault family violence.  

On Nov. 14, a Criminal Trespass notice was issued at a Sandy Creek Road residence. According to reports, the complainant had placed metal poles and strings between his property and the adjoining neighbor’s property before having the property professionally assessed to resolve ongoing problems with the neighbor. After the assessors placed wooden stakes with orange ribbons on the front end of the property, the complainant alleges the neighbor drove onto the property, stood on the hood of a vehicle and tied a yellow ribbon around a pecan tree between the two properties. The neighbor alleged the tree was on her side of the property, not the complainant’s. According to reports, the complainant admitted the metal poles he had originally placed along the property line were inaccurate by two inches and that he would correct them he next day. The neighbor also agreed to remove the ribbon from the tree the next day as well.

On Nov. 14, an incident report was filed for reckless conduct by a passing driver on Interstate 20 west bound. According to reports, deputies responded to a call near mile marker 103 in reference to possible teenagers throwing rocks off of the Sewell Church Road overpass onto Interstate 20. Witnesses reported seeing at least two teenage boys, one of which was described as having bushy red hair. Two tractor trailers had suffered damage to their windshields as a result of this activity. When the two vehicles stopped, the suspects were reportedly observed running away down Sewell Church Road. Deputies traveled to a Sewell Church Road address to make contact with the teenagers that live there, but reports state there was not enough evidence to charge the young, reddish-haired resident who opened the door, or his younger brother who was also in the house. According to reports, deputies spoke with the boys’ mother via telephone and advised her of the situation and requested her assistance in getting the true whereabouts of her son during the incident. She agreed to speak to her son about the incident and stated that a friend of her son was at the house when she left earlier in the day. 

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