Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Nov. 19, deputies responded to an incident involving damage to property on Interstate 20 near mile marker 114. According to reports, the 53-year-old complainant was leaving work in Madison and entered Interstate 20 where she subsequently struck an unknown object in the roadway. She stated the vehicle stalled out but she was able to get it into the emergency lane. En route to the call, deputies observed a gray Toyota Sequoia using its flashers. Reports state that three men were attempting to secure a dark colored fiberglass boat to the roof of the SUV. The driver stated he was transporting two small boats from Louisiana to South Carolina when the boats started to shake under the tie-down straps and fell off the vehicle. When he was able to turn around and get back to the scene, the driver observed the complainant’s vehicle and stated he thought it may have struck one of the boats. He was issued a citation for failure to secure load.  

On Nov. 19, a theft by taking felony incident report was filed by James Pierce, 21, of Lacey’s Spring, Ala. According to reports, Pierce struck a deer while traveling south on Eatonton Highway near the 3500 block. Pierce stated he pulled his vehicle over off of the roadway to inspect the damage. The passenger side front corner and radiator was damaged. Pierce said he was unsure what to do as it was the first time he had been involved in any type of vehicular collision, so he contacted a co-worker to give him a ride and decided to leave the vehicle on the road side and contact his insurance company later. Pierce claimed he returned to the location the next day and discovered the pickup truck was gone. According to reports, he contacted numerous towing companies and local agencies to determine if his vehicle was lawfully removed from the scene, but none of the agencies had a record of removing the vehicle. The vehicle is a 1998 silver Dodge Ram 3500, bearing a South Carolina registration. It will have damage to the passenger side front fender, wheel well, hood, bumper and radiator. 

On Nov. 20, Larry Bishop, 29, of Forsyth, was issued a citation for public intoxication. According to reports, Bishop was unconscious, lying in the grass near the roadway at Fraction Bottom Road and Blue Springs Court in Buckhead. Deputies stated he was unresponsive to verbal stimulus and once they applied a sternum rub to his chest, Bishop began speaking with a thick tongue, had no recollection of the night’s events and became belligerent and upset. He was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the Morgan County Detention Center.  

On Nov. 21, deputies responded to a civil dispute at a Turner Road, Buckhead, residence. According to reports, the 79-year-old property owner claimed there were individuals living inside his residence without authorization. He alleged his tenant moved out two months ago and left her children at the residence. Upon finding a potential buyer for the home, he discovered the tenant’s children were still living at the residence. 

On Nov. 22, deputies responded to an animal complaint at a Heidi Trail, Buckhead, residence. According to reports, the complainant stated her neighbor’s Chihuahua entered her front yard aggressively, dragging a chain behind it. She stated the dog bit her shoe, causing her to fall. The complainant alleged the bite made a small puncture on her toe and claimed the dog has been aggressive in the past and animal control has been contacted in the past. Deputies made contact with the dog’s owner who stated the dog was chained to a tree in his back yard and got loose when he went into the house. 

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