Madison Rentals employee foils theft plot

Staff Written News

ByPatrick Yost


Two North Carolina men were arrested and charged after they allegedly attempted to steal heavy equipment from Madison Rentals, Inc.

Dikeynian Tyshaun Floyd, 29, Raleigh, N.C. was arrested on Friday, Nov. 20 after he allegedly presented both a false driver’s license and manufactured credit cards to an aware Madison Rentals employee who called police when he suspected an attempt of theft.

Reports state that Floyd and Antonio Jermaine Knight, 25, Rocky Mount, N.C. arrived at the store in a U-Haul truck at approximately 4 p.m. Floyd entered the store and attempted to rent an excavator. Reports state that two weeks prior another man had come to the store in a rented U-Haul and had rented an excavator and trailer using a false ID.

On this occasion, however, the employee called police when Floyd presented a questionable Georgia Driver’s License. Reports state that when officer’s arrived they observed Knight in the U-Haul and Floyd was leaving the store. Floyd told officers he was trying to obtain a quote on renting the machine. When an officer began to question Floyd regarding his name he told the officer to look at the false identification card. “it’s right there,” he allegedly said.

The officer informed Floyd that the license was fake and Floyd told the officer his name. Reports state that during questioning Floyd’s answers regarding the incident were “generally evasive and did not provide logical reasons to the questions asked.”

After Floyd and Knight had been arrested and transported to the Morgan County Detention Center, officers located two credit cards with the name “Andrew Grace.” Both cards matched the false driver’s license on Floyd’s person. Both credit cards had been created and both were false, reports state, and had the magnetic strip scratched off the back. Reports state that in order to use the cards, a merchant would have to input the data from the card manually. Manual input would prevent the card from being immediately declined, reports state.

An officer questioned employees who confirmed that Floyd’s intent was to rent equipment and that he was not seeking a quote. Floyd was charged with giving false or fictitious name, criminal attempt at fraud, financial transaction card fraud and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. Knight was charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. Reports state that a bag of suspected marijuana was located in the glove box of the rented U-Haul. Reports also state that Floyd had used both the false driver’s license and one of the false credit cards to rent the U-Haul truck. 

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