Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On Dec. 4, officers responded to a North Main Street address in reference to credit card fraud. According to reports, a woman stated someone had made two unauthorized charges on her credit card. She was made aware of the charges when she received an email from Sam’s Club in reference to membership. She claimed there was $45 membership fee and $180 in gift cards charged to her card. After contacting her card company, she was advised that the charges were pending and would not go through due to the fact they were unauthorized and stopped in time. 

On Dec. 12, officers responded to an incident of simple assault and interference with the business of another at McDonald’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a customer claimed an employee had thrown food at her. She stated she was upset about a chicken sandwich that was not prepared to her liking. 

She exited the drive through, parked and entered the restaurant with her friend to address the chicken sandwich. Witnesses stated that the women entered the store in a very loud, aggressive and profane manner, leaning over the counter while confronting the store manager and attempted to walk through the entrance for employees behind the counter. 

According to reports, the customer admitted she became loud and used profanity and stated that the manager then threw a carton of fries at her, striking her in the head. 

After advising both parties of the pre-warrant process in the Magistrate Court, officers procured a refund for the chicken sandwich in question and provided it to the customer. 

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