Marcus “Trey” Greene Bicycle Giveaway

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Christmas came early for some children this year thanks to the generous efforts of Russell and Mary Greene who orchestrated a massive Christmas Bicycle Giveaway in honor of their late son Marcus Trey Greene. 

Excited children with broad smiles turned out to Bill Wood Park in Madison last Saturday for the Christmas Bicycle Giveaway, returning home ready to have many adventures with their new bikes. 

Numerous community organizations partnered with the Greenes to purchase thousands of dollars worth of brand new bicycles for the children of Morgan and Greene counties, distributing the bikes last Saturday at Bill Wood Park in Madison. 

The Christmas Bicycle Giveaway raised a total of  $13,700, raising enough money to purchase safety helmets for each bicycle given away. 

“This meant a lot to us to see the smiles on kids faces! It will be great to see more kids outside riding bikes,” said Russell. “Seeing two counties come together and share a lot of love in Memory of Marcus Trey Greene was awesome! Overall the Marcus Trey Greene Bike Giveaway was great success! It couldn’t have happened without the community coming  together. We want to thank all our sponsors, family and friends for donations, love and support for the Bike Giveaway. We received donations all over the state of Georgia and outside of Georgia. People are asking us to make this a yearly event, and we are most definitely thinking about it. What a joy to see families with their kids.” 

Russell and Mary Greene have orchestrated numerous charitable events and programs over the years in memory of their late son, Marcus “Trey” Greene who died at age 16 after a lifelong battle with sickle-cell anemia and went into heart failure one year after receiving a heart transplant. 

Despite the tragic loss of their son, the Greenes have forged ahead these past five years to keep his memory live through doing good in the community. 

“Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, was Trey’s favorite holiday,” said Mary, who is looking forward to seeing children’s faces light up when they receive a new bike. “The excitement of seeing a child happy and smiling on Christmas. Trey loved giving and helping others. Like an angel in disguise, Trey would love to see a smile on a kid’s face for Christmas.”

Saturday’s giveaway included bicycles, tricycles, helmets and knee pads to youth throughout the community, from preschoolers to 16-year-olds. 

 “If we can help one child to cope somewhere along the way, and give that child direction and love, what more can one life ask for? They are the leaders of tomorrow. Because of our efforts, we are keeping our love alive and passing it on to the next generation,” said Russell. 

The sponsors making this event possible include: Leola Dunn, Maxie Jones, Pastor Cecil Champion of Clark’s Chapel, NSBC Pastors Roi and Carolyn Johnson, Jim NeSmith of Madison Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church of Madison, Greensboro Chief of Police Rodricus Monford Sr., Captain Lee Stancil, Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley, Madison Police Chief Bill Ashburn, Madison Mayor Fred Perriman and his wife Marie Perriman, Reverend Dr. Hoke Smith of Calvary Baptist Church, Jones and Turner Funeral Home, Morgan County Commissioner Donald Harris, Brian Flowers or Madison Country Side, Walmart in Madison, the Living Life Team, and Sprinfield Baptist Church, Chris Moon CEO of Harbin Lumber Co., Todd Irvin & Todd Lord, General Managers of Harbin Lumber Co., Michele Hunter,  Greg Carretto of North Ga. Cleaning Services, Leon Farmer lll, Certified Roofing & Gutters Inc, Amic’s Mike Torino, Attorney Nancy & Peter Val Predo, and  Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Whitfield.

“Everyone has come together to make this a great success,” said Russell. “We thank family, friends and other committed supporters for helping to make this effort a success and we thank you for helping us anyway you can, for touching every life, for every thoughtful thing you do and every smile you give. Together the citizens of Morgan and Greene counties can make things happen. It would be lovely to see more kids playing outside, and riding on a bike.”

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