Masks are a must in Madison

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

The Holiday season is usually a time of togetherness and celebration. But as the coronavirus pandemic is still looming over the nation, the Madison Mayor and City Council are urging citizens to stay vigilant in taking safety precautions throughout the holidays. Georgia is on its way to half a million coronavirus cases and nearly 10,000 deaths. 

“We are in dangerous times,” said Madison Mayor Fred Perriman, who worried citizens will let down their guard as they get swept up in Christmas celebrations. “We all know Georgia’s cases are going up rapidly. We are in dangerous times from Thanksgiving throughout the Christmas holiday and we hope our citizen will take heed.”

Madison Councilman Eric Joyce read a prepared statement reminding citizens of the city’s mask ordinance and encouraged everyone to wear a mask any time they venture out into public. 

“As COVID-19 infection rates increase sharply both nationally and in Georgia, the Madison City Council reminds citizens of Madison of the emergency order of August 19, 2020,” said Joyce. “The Mayor and Council strongly urge all citizens and visitors to protect ourselves and others by wearing face masks whenever in public in the City of Madison.”

Joyce believes it’s imperative for local leadership to be proactive as the coronavirus pandemic worsens this winter. 

“We need to help remind our citizens of the importance of this,” said Joyce. 

The council unanimously supported the statement to citizens urging mask wearing in public. 

The latest COVID-19 reports: 

Across Georgia, a total of 484,152 coronavirus cases have been documented, with a total of 9,250 deaths, 38,111 hospitalizations and 6,896 ICU admission. As of Tuesday, Dec. 15 at press time, 4,860 new cases were reported to the Georgia’s Department of Public Health in just one day. Thirty-five deaths were also reported for the day with 374 new hospitalizations. 

In Morgan County, 655 coronavirus cases have been reported since the pandemic begin in March. Morgan reports seven deaths, one current probable death and 49 hospitalizations. In the last two weeks, 62 new coronavirus cases have been reported in Morgan County.  

Perriman noted  in the past that wearing masks adds an extra layer of protection from contracting and/or spreading the virus as the local economy cautiously reopens while following state social distancing guidelines and CDC recommendations. 

“Wearing masks keeps you safe and it keeps the employees in our stores safe. It’s for all of our safety, since nobody knows who is a carrier,” explained Perriman. “We urge our community to continuing loving each other and caring for each other through this difficult time. One way they can do that is wearing masks while out in public and help stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Perriman reminded citizens that even when wearing masks to adhere to social distancing recommendations by staying six-feet apart from employees and surrounding customers when in stores or in other public spaces. He also urged people to employ frequent hand-washing, limiting outings as much as possible, and to consider utilizing curbside services at stores and restaurants. 

“We just want everyone to stay safe and healthy,” said Perriman. 

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