Perdue campaigns in Madison

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor

Republican U.S. Senator David Perdue rolled through Madison as part of his “Win Georgia, Save America” bus tour ahead of the upcoming runoff election on January 5. Perdue and his campaign team claimed to be the Republican Party’s last hope to protect outgoing President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and to serve as “firewall” against the incoming Biden Administration’s legislative goals. 

Perdue, 71, just returned from Washington D.C. after voting in favor of the new $900 billion COVID relief bill late Monday night. Tuesday morning he was right back to traveling across the Peach State urging his supporters to vote and vote early in order to hold onto his senate seat, claiming the very future of America hangs in the balance of the Georgia runoff races. 

Perdue stopped at Madison’s Farmview Market on Eatonton Highway early Tuesday morning, Dec. 22  to mingle with Morgan County’s GOP members and local Republican leaders and supporters, including Morgan County Board of Commissioners Chairman Philipp von Hanstein, State Representative Dave Belton,  Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley and President of the Morgan County Chamber of Commerce Bob Hughes. 

“We are winning, y’all,” said a confident Perdue to a crowd of 70 outside of Farmview Market. “We are going to win this. We are going to hold the line and we are going to make sure everything we did in the last four years is protected. We are not going to have socialism come to the great state of Georgia.” 

In an exclusive interview with the Morgan County Citizen, Perdue responded to Republican voters who are  considering sitting out this election in protest over their belief that the Presidential election was stolen from Trump due to fraud. Perdue did not comment on whether or not he believed Biden legitimately won the state of Georgia, but expressed solidarity with those voters. 

“Hey, I am frustrated right along with them. I am frustrated over what has happened to the president,” said Perdue. “But if they’re mad, the best way to fight for the president is to get out and vote in this election and help us keep these two seats.” 

Perdue warned that should his Democratic Challenger Jon Ossoff prevail against him, and should Reverend Raphael Warnock prevail against Incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loefller, there will nothing stoping the incoming Biden Administration from enacting their legislative agenda in the House or the Senate. 

“It’s extremely liberal and extremely dangerous,” said Perdue. 

Perdue claimed if Ossoff and Warnock win, they, along with other Democratic senators and congressman, would transform America into a “one-party system,” making it impossible for Republicans ever to regain power.  

“They will erase the balance of power,” said Perdue. “They will pack the Supreme Court. They will make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico each a state, and they will abolish the electoral college.”

Perdue accused Democrats of supporting “open borders, illegal immigrants voting, they want to defund the police, cut military spending, they want to eliminate private health insurance and most dangerous of all, they want the Green New Deal.”

However Ossoff and Warnock deny most of these characterizations. Both Warnock and Ossoff have stated repeatedly they are not for defunding the police, but reforming the police. They also deny supporting open borders , allowing illegal immigrants to vote or eliminating private health insurance. Ossoff in particular does not support Medicare for All, the policy proposing a completely government-run health care system, but instead favors a public option being added to the Affordable Care Act to expand health insurance coverage in addition to private insurance coverage options. Ossoff has also gone on the record to oppose the Green New Deal, but does favor a slew of climate-change legislative reforms. 

Sonny Perdue, former two-term Governor of Georgia and first cousin to David Perdue, praised his cousin’s character and political goals. 

“He has integrity, courage, and conviction,” said Sonny Perdue, who also vouched for Kelly Loeffler. “They will be the ones to bring Georgia values back to D.C. instead of bringing D.C. values back into Georgia.” 

Perdue said his top priorities, should he win reelection, are “standing up to China, fixing healthcare, and paying down the national debt.”

Perdue stressed to his supporters that the outcome of the January 5 runoff is “as high stake as you can get.”

“This is not about me. This is about our children and our grandchildren and they kind of country we want them to live in,” said Perdue. 

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